Uncontested Divorce

When some couples decide to separate, they manage to do so without much infighting. The idea of anuncontested divorce arose out of the idea that couples who do not need to fight should not have to sufferthrough the same legal formalities as couples that contest their divorce filings. If you believe that you and yourspouse may be able to agree to an uncontested divorce, that option is available to you.

The unfortunate reality of divorce is that the spouses seeking it normally dislike each other. In most cases, dislike is too nice of a word for the feelings that spouses feel toward each other. Divorcing spouses generally do agree that they want the divorce proceedings to be simple and fast, but that is rarely the case in a contested divorce. For spouses who can agree that they want a faster and easier divorce and are willing to agree on the terms of their divorce, an uncontested divorce may be ideal.

The end of a marriage is usually fraught with argument and ill will. However, given time for nerves to cool, many spouses seeking a divorce are able to reach a mutual agreement on the terms of a divorce. For spouses who want a quicker and less expensive end to the divorce process, an uncontested divorce may be ideal. Here's an overview of the nature of an uncontested divorce and Alaska dissolution of marriage law. If you still have any questions after reading this article or would like to file for an uncontested divorce, you should consult with an experienced divorce attorney.

While no spouse seeking a divorce ever expects the process to be simple, many are often surprised about how expensive the process can be. Between attorneys’ fees and court costs divorce proceedings that drag on for months (sometimes years) can be very costly. Uncontested divorces are often a convenient option for couples who are willing to part ways amicably.

When most spouses consider filing for divorce, the thought of a long and drawn out legal battle can be literally petrifying. With skyrocketing divorce rates across the nation, most people understand that “forever and always” does not necessarily mean “for life”. Unfortunately, some marriages simply are not meant to be. Divorce proceedings generally tend to be easier for couples who both realize that a marriage is doomed to fail.

For several years, North Carolina has led the nation in both the rates of marriages and the rates of divorces. This demonstrates a trend that is mirrored nationwide of more and more people entering into marriages that will not last. The statistics about divorce rates across the country do not lie: our nation is in the middle of a divorce crisis.

Divorcing spouses are often bitter combatants. Firmly entrenched in ideas about being “in the right,” “in the wrong,” and “at fault” tend to die hard. The most common image that most people have when they think of divorce proceedings are entrenched attorneys, shouting back and forth. While many divorces result in that type of adversarial litigation, not every divorce has to.

If you're seeking an uncontested divorce in Colorado here's what you need to know.

Marriage is the basic foundation of the modern family structure, but it is not uncommon for couples to realize that their marriage is not working. Couples divorce for many different reasons, but most couples still have at least one thing in common--the desire to avoid a lengthy court battle and to separate quickly and smoothly.

An uncontested divorce is one in which both parties agree on all aspects of the divorce. Divorces where both parties disagree on some aspects such as property or debt division or child custody are contested divorces and involve lengthy and expensive litigation. Uncontested divorces are quicker, smoother and less expensive because there is no reason for the divorce to go to trial and lawyers are either not needed or have a limited role to play. It is sometimes recommended to hire one for at least part of the process.


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