How to flirt with a woman


A large part of flirting is about creating impressions and making an impact. Your looks count, but it is in equal parts your demeanor, the way you conduct yourself, charisma and how you manage to make the other person feel.

If you are a man and you’ve often wondered how to flirt without feeling like a loser or worse yet, making a complete fool of yourself, just keep these simple tips in mind.

1. Make the most of yourself

You may not be the most good-looking guy around, but don’t downplay your appearance. Dress smartly and groom yourself well. While there are some women who go for the rumpled just-got- out-of-bed-and-didn’t-have-the-time-to-shave look, the majority prefer a man who has made the effort to either be clean-shaven or taken the trouble to maintain his facial hair. Splash on a sexy aftershave, which is guaranteed to make her go weak at the knees.

TIP: Learn how to flirt with women of all ages and charm them.

2. Show your appreciation

A look can convey more than a thousand words. If you see a woman who catches your eye, keep throwing admiring looks her way. She’s sure to eventually catch on. And if you find her eyes on you too, you can be fairly sure that’s a subtle indication of approval – she sees something she likes, you lucky dog!

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3. Approach her

Walk over confidently and introduce yourself. If you both happen to be alone, tell her upfront that you thought there was no reason why you should both exist in solitary splendor when you could enjoy each other’s company. Or at least explore the possibility. Often women are so tired of hearing standard pick up lines they are glad to be treated as intelligent human beings and be spoken to frankly. If she happens to be with friends, you will have to summon up the sheer guts and willpower to handle facing a group. Keep it casual and see if you can fit in without losing sight of your prime objective and suspect!

4. Single her out

Start focusing on her and making her the center of your attention. Show her you have eyes only for her to the exclusion of everything and everyone else in the room. She will appreciate this, especially if an attractive woman enters or walks by and you still don’t let your eyes drift away. She might notice the woman, but you don’t – it says a lot for her apparent effect on you and she will feel thrilled about it. Also, don’t simultaneously flirt with any of her female friends; it won’t win you any brownie points. On the contrary, it will only serve to alienate her.

5. Charm her

Despite all that may have changed in the modern world, there is still something charming about impeccable manners and etiquette. Holding the door open for her, pulling out her chair to seat her are all noticed and get the thumbs up from women. As much as women may talk of equal rights, even the most hard-core feminist appreciates good old-fashioned chivalry. Also, be articulate and speak clearly. If you are one of those amusing types and can entertain a woman with your witticisms, capitalize on it. Making her laugh is one of the surest ways to worm your way into her affections. You can even be naughty or suggestive, but steer clear of the obscene or vulgar.

6. Be attentive

If things are going the way you want them to, try getting closer to her. If she asks you about yourself, keep your answers informative but brief. Always steer the conversation deftly back to her, without being too obvious about it. If the occasion permits, ask her for a dance. While escorting her, place your hand at the small of her back, or at her elbow to guide her. Keep your touch firm but light, so she feels your interest, but isn’t uncomfortable with it. While dancing, if you find her a good partner, display your fancy footwork. At all times, keep the focus on her. Whenever you get the chance, look into her eyes and hum the words of the song, especially if they have some significance, numbers like ‘When the girl in your arms’, and so on. Women love men who can be transparent about their emotions and not hesitant to show their feelings.

7. Pursue her

If you’ve established by now that she’s keen on you, ask for her number or a date. First, throw a few hints to see if she’s willing to divulge the details. If you think she’s not, get acquainted with her a little more, before broaching the topic again. If she seems reluctant or hesitant, don’t push too much. It pays to be careful these days and she may just be naturally cautious.

Don’t offer your number unless she asks for it, you don’t want to seem desperate. If she does ask for it, tell her honestly that you will be waiting for her call. Indulge in some last minute witty repartee or amusing rejoinder that will leave her smiling and with fond memories of you. You can only hope you made enough of an impression on her that she can’t wait to call you back!