Flirting tips for women

Dating convention, for good or bad, encourages women to take the subtle approach when they would like to show their interest in a guy. This may have several advantages like social propriety and an enhancement of the feminine mystique – but at times it becomes difficult to get the message across. So if you like a guy but would like to be discrete while expressing your interest, here are ten ways to flirt with him subtly.

The dark brooding hero of Gothic literature whose face is an inscrutable mask hiding passionate emotions within has always been the stuff of female romantic fantasies. And yet women are exasperated with their real life partners when they can’t make out what their men want.  Whether you are in a new relationship or been with a man for some time, here is a brief guide on how to read a guy’s body language.

Text messages have in recent times emerged as the preferred form of distance flirting – for one it is quick, can be done anywhere and is convenient when you don’t want everybody around you to know that what you are up to. What text messages lack on audio and visual cues, they sure make up in convenience and speed. So if you have been eyeing the guy in your office or gym for quite some time now, here are some tips on starting the flirting game with him, armed with nothing more than a cell phone and his phone number.

Body language employed effectively, is the most priceless weapon in the flirting artillery. While the way you groom yourself and the verbal language you use matters, the way you conduct yourself and the image you project is even more crucial. A few tips to make the most of your body language and flirt your way to success:


Traditionally, flirting and making the first move has always been seen as the male's domain. But if you’re one of those women who don’t see why it should be so, you’re right! It really doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, a lot of men just love it if women make the first move. Even if you’re not bold enough to do that, and a man is flirting with you and you’re too shy, or don’t know the appropriate responses, read on. After all, if you like what you see, you really wouldn’t want to be sending out the wrong signals, would you?

While workplace relationships might have their pitfalls, it can be fun to flirt with someone attractive and interesting where you spend the greater part of your waking hours. So the next time you spot that cute guy from Sales, alone at the water cooler, give him a different class of figures and statistics to think about. Here are a few flirting tips which you can use to the catch the male gaze at work and make the guy get the hots for you.

Get your look right

Being flirtatious has its own charm! Not only does it help bring out the best in people, it also becomes a window of opportunity for some innocent fun. While many women are generously blessed with the ability to strike a chord with one look, there are many of us who fall prey to being coy. It does become a hindrance for us and try as hard as we may; we fail to make an impression that lasts. But, no more of that now, for here we have the sure-fire way to make your bashfulness work for you rather than against you!