How to Flirt with a Guy at Work

While workplace relationships might have their pitfalls, it can be fun to flirt with someone attractive and interesting where you spend the greater part of your waking hours. So the next time you spot that cute guy from Sales, alone at the water cooler, give him a different class of figures and statistics to think about. Here are a few flirting tips which you can use to the catch the male gaze at work and make the guy get the hots for you.

Get your look right

Conventional notions of workplace flirting almost always conjure images of gorgeous blondes in tight tops and sharp stilettos sitting on the table with their short skirts riding tantalizingly above their slender thighs. However you need not be forced to give away an arm and a leg to look like Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel for an attractive workplace look. The whole idea is to adopt a style that suits your body type and personality. Just be sure to appear neat and well groomed. Look for an office wardrobe that does not scream for attention but is nevertheless stylish. Fly-away hair and tired eyes are a strict no-no. Manicured nails, a glowing skin and a fresh-smelling persona will work wonders to boost your own confidence and nothing turns heads as quickly as a woman who looks and feels good about herself.

Stand out from the herd

If you wish to flirt with a guy, make sure that you are alone sometime or other so that he can approach you without being nervous. A man is unlikely to chat up a woman who is surrounded by others all the time since the male ego is only too sensitive to what others may think of his attempts. So, do something by yourself for a few moments and hang around where he can see you. Conversely look for a time when the guy is taking a break by himself and then proceed to chat him up.

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What the body says

The secret to effective flirting lies in the right body language. Here again it is not necessary to conform to impossible standards of beauty. The basic idea is to let your body send certain signals to a man that you are fun to be with and are willing to know him better. Start out by carrying a positive attitude and a happy smile. Nobody likes to chat up bored or brooding females. When you do make eye contact with the guy in question, hold it for a second or two and then turn away slowly with a soft smile playing on your lips. This will let him know that you have registered his presence and might be ready for a tete-a-tete. Once you start talking to the particular guy, go on to other signals like running your fingers through your hair, letting your gaze travel across his chest or biceps and lightly brushing past against shoulders or thighs.

Let him talk

Most men – and that includes co-workers – like to talk about themselves. So get them to open up by asking questions about their interests, friends and future aspirations. Skirt around very personal issues like family and childhood unless your guy actually wants to talk about them. It is hugely flattering for the male ego to think that a co-worker, who is under no compulsion to socialize, could be interested in what he likes for breakfast on a Sunday morning or how many crunches can he manage in half an hour at the gym. Once he gets going, insert flirtatious remarks casually within the conversation and watch him sweat.

Compliment generously

Any expert at flirting with men will tell you that nothing gets a guy in a good mood as fast as paying him a compliment. Make a casual but informed remark praising his car, i-Pod or the background display on his laptop. In fact while you’re at it, bend over his shoulder to admire the display until you are lightly touching each other and then ask him flirtatiously if he could do something similar on your laptop. But sidle away once you are finished since the idea is not to take over his personal space but tease him just a little bit. However here the most important point to remember is to be genuine with your compliments. No matter how nerdy a co-worker, every individual is sure to see through an insincere remark which may in turn lead you to be thought of as insensitive and a fake.

Take it easy

If you want have a good time with an attractive male co-worker, don’t send signals implying that you are out to beat him for the prestigious project. Let go of your competitiveness and adopt a relaxed, easy-going attitude. In fact you could even play the helpless babe and get the guy to show you which wires go where in the printer. Most guys still like to be thought of as the only species with grey matter and if that gets the guy to join you for a cup of coffee, mission accomplished!!

Don't make it too easy for him

No matter how much you want to seduce this handsome co-worker, make sure that you always hold something back. Act coy now and then or don’t give a straight answer to all his questions. Again if you have been flirting with the same guy for a couple of days, reduce the attention that you pay him by a notch or two. That way you can ensure that the guy will continue to see you as a challenge and keep coming back to try to win you over.

Not everyone thinks that flirting at work is a good idea. However as long as it is indulged in without any ulterior motives and both sides are aware that it means nothing more than a little harmless distraction, it should be OK. After all the whole idea is to liven up the tedious hours at the workplace and what better way than some light flirting to make a job more fun.