Giving flowers to your date


There are many opportunities for presenting a woman with flowers. Whether you surprise her with a bouquet when she least expects it, or present her with it a predictable occasion like her birthday. And whether it is expected or unexpected, it still remains an undeniable pleasure. Every flower has a special meaning attached to it. Keeping that in mind, here are some suggestions on when to present your date with flowers and the options you have. And be sure to enlighten her about what it means, especially if you’ve chosen a more unusual one. Some flowers have exotic meanings, but aren’t as visually appealing as their simpler counterparts. Keep this in mind too!

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No matter what she may say, every woman loves to receive flowers. They may say stuff like ‘Oh why did you bother’ or ‘You shouldn’t have’, but they don’t really mean it. It is always a very special feeling to be the on the receiving end of this delightful visual treat, be it a single bloom or an elaborate floral arrangement.

The occasion - your first date

Right at the start of a potential relationship, the first date is just the first of many new beginnings. And a guy always wonders whether or not he should take flowers. Will it seem too soon, what kind of a reaction will he get, what kind of flowers should he take? And sometimes he decides to just forego it altogether, because it might seem too awkward. Often though, a woman loves to receive flowers on a first date.

And if you’re picking her up at the door, there’s nothing as sweet as a guy standing on your doorstep with flowers behind his back and a sweet little-boy bashfulness on his face, wondering when he should whip them out. It makes a woman feel girlish again, as if she’s going out to her first prom. As you’re unsure about the woman herself on the first date, what her taste in flowers is and even whether you’re going to like her, it’s safest to go in for a single bloom, possibly a red rosebud if you want to be blatantly romantic, or an elegantly simple sheaf of flowers. This way, you won’t be spending too much on a date you’re still unsure about, and yet in the event it does not work out, she’s left with a wonderful feeling of a sensitive guy who took the trouble to bring her flowers.

The message on the card – A simple ‘In anticipation’ should do the trick. You don’t want to get too effusive; it is your first date

The flower

Rose (white) - Innocence, pureness

Rose (white with ivy) - Innocent intentions, promise of allegiance

Rosebud - New and full of life, pure heart

Rosebud (white) - A heart new to love

Violet (white) - Let's take a risk

Forsythia - Excitement, anticipation

Hawthorn - Anticipation

The occasion – After the first date

In case you didn’t take her flowers on the first date as you were pretty sceptical about the outcome, and then regretted it because you had a fabulous time, it’s not too late! All is not lost yet. You could still send her flowers the next day at her home. Don’t go over the top just yet with your flower displays. Keep it simple. Save some of the really elaborate stuff for later. If you overdo it you also run the chance of her thinking you’ve already fallen hard for her. And even if you have, it’s generally better to play it cool for some time. You don’t want to seem too eager too soon.

The message on the card – ‘Thank you’ or ‘Had a wonderful evening’ should say it all.

The flower

Calla Lily - Utmost beauty

Dahlia - Elegance, good taste

Daisy - Innocent, beautiful

Lilac (purple) - First sensations of love

Lilac (white) - Dignity, innocence

Lily (calla) - Charming

Lily (white) - Purity, innocence, magnificence, I love being with you

The occasion – On or after special dates or Valentine’s Day

You might have been seeing her for some time and are planning a romantic evening together. There are plans to wine and dine her and paint the town red. You can make the evening perfect by not forgetting the flowers. By now you probably know her well enough to have the privileged information on her favorite flower. Or if she doesn’t have one, make sure it’s something that looks nice and maybe even a personal favorite with you. Spring it on her before the date or send it across to her at her workplace, where she will enjoy the envious attention of her colleagues and be able to coyly tell them that she thought her perfect evening had ended the previous night, but it seems like it's still going on. Valentine’s Day is another perfect occasion for flowers.

The message on the card – This is a time for mush – ‘You’re on my mind’ or ‘Thinking about you’ or ‘Can’t wait till I see you again’ or for Valentine’s Day, ‘Loving you makes my life complete’.

The flower

Camellia (pink) - Wanting to be with you

Carnation (general) - Given to a woman who you love, energy, warmth

Carnation (red) - My heart is yours

Carnation (pink) - Longing to be with you

Tulip (general) - Amazing lover

The occasion – On her birthday

Let her know how glad you are for this day by showing up with a bouquet that will blow her mind. Or take her breath away with a special delivery from the local florist. You could arrange to send it to either her home or office, wherever it’s guaranteed to have the maximum effect. Only make sure that wherever you send it, she will be available to receive it personally at the time. If you’re away on her birthday, sending her a bouquet of flowers is one of the sweetest ways to tell her you’re thinking of her, short of actually taking the next flight and being at her side.

The message on the card – ‘Happy Birthday sweetheart’ or ‘Have your happiest ever’

The flower

Orchid - Beauty, mature, charming

Pansy (all colors) - Love, cheerfulness, good thoughts

Poinsettia - Cheerful

Poppy (red) - Enjoyment, amplitude

Zinnia (magenta) - Affection, admiration

The occasion – On your anniversary

It might be a month since your first date, or 6 months or a year. You could give her the mistaken impression that you haven’t a clue that it’s the anniversary of your first date. And then sweep her off her feet with a dazzling display of the prettiest flowers. Another day that you could send her flowers which will completely knock her for a loop is your wedding day. Generally things are so hectic and stressed out on that day, and as you’re not going to see her till she walks down the aisle, it’s a good way to remind her of how happy you are feeling as the day gets off to a start.

The message on the card – ‘To us’ or ‘To memories’ or ‘To our eternal love’

The flower

Forget-me-not - Love never forgotten, memories

Jasmine - Eroticism, beauty, full of joy, finesse

Lily of the Valley - You make my life complete

Daffodil - Love without questions, loyalty

Dandelion - Loyalty, devotion

Violet (blue) - I will always be loyal

Myrtle - Adoration, celebration, symbol of marriage

Peony - Happiness in life, happiness in marriage

Orange Blossom - Purity, endless love, luck in marriage, knowledge

Periwinkle (white) - Good memories

The occasion – When she’s sick

Apart from chicken soup and lots of tender loving care, a bright spray of flowers might go a long way in making her feel better. Especially if she’s in hospital or going to be confined to her room for a few days due to an extended illness, the flowers will make her smile as they remind her of you and your thoughtfulness. And you never know, they may even hasten her recovery.

The message on the card –Avoid the clichéd 'Get well soon'. Go in for something different like 'I’m (love)sick too!' or 'To memories' or 'To our eternal love'.

The flower

Edelweiss - Brave, strong

Heather - Admiration, luck, protection

Holly - Affection, kisses, happiness

Sunflower - Happiness, the sun always shines on you

Wisteria - I want to stay with you

The occasion – For no reason at all

This is probably one of the most popular with women, when they are given flowers for no particular occasion and when they least expect it. Either in appreciation, or just because you feel a sense of overwhelming love and want to convey it to her. This one has the best effect if you make the delivery in person. You wouldn’t want the florist or the delivery boy to be on the receiving end of the sheer joy she feels and affection she may want to show at this spontaneous gesture would you?

The message on the card – ‘You’re the best’ or ‘Just because you’re you’ or those three little words most women love to hear when they come straight from the heart ‘I love you’ or even ‘Loving you’.

The flower

Primrose - I need you

Carnation (solid color) - Yes to any question you may want to answer with a flower

Baby's Breath - Continuous love

Aster - Charming, code of love

Tulip (red) - Trust in me, admittance of love

Zinnia (yellow) - Daily thoughts

The occasion – To congratulate her

At times that she’s overjoyed because of a major happening in her life, like a promotion, great results or a new job, share her joy and also let her know that you take pride in her achievements. Choose an appropriate flower that will convey this very special feeling to her.

The message on the card – ‘To my Superwoman’ or ‘I’m so proud of you’ or even tongue-in-cheek humor, ‘Behind every successful woman is a man’

The flower

Buttercup - Cheerful heart

Carnation (white) - Purity, love, luck to a woman

Bird of Paradise - Brilliance

Gardenia - You are amazing

Jonquil - Ambition, affinity, be loved, affection returned

Snowdrop - A bright future

The occasion – To apologize

You’ve really gone and put your foot in it. Or done something unforgivable. And you’re sure she’s never going to see her way to forgiving you. But you’re not going to give up that easily. Try sending her a delicate and tasteful flower arrangement that should help in softening her up. This is best sent on delivery, with an apologetic note telling her how very sorry you are. You can only hope it’s done the trick and mellowed her down, before you appear with your suitably hangdog expression asking for understanding.

The message on the card – ‘I’ve been a fool’ or ‘Can we kiss and make up?’

The flower

Bluebell - Embarrassment

Woodruff - Sweet embarrassment

Hazel - Appeasement

Hyacinth (purple) - Apologies

And in case you were wondering how the most popular and beloved flower of them all hasn’t been given extensive coverage yet, look no further. If you don’t want to try the more unusual flowers and prefer going with the traditional and safe option, there’s always the eternal favorite – the rose. So we’ve devoted a section exclusively to it. You can pick your rose depending on the occasion or simply the sentiments you wish to convey, the choice is yours.

Rose (bridal) - New love

Rose (deep red) - Passion, adoration

Rose (orange) - Fondness, admiration

Rose (pink) - Great pleasure, believe me, elegance, natural

Rose (red) - True love

Rose (tea) - I will never forget

Rose (without thorns) - I have loved you since I first met you

Rosebud (red) - Amazing, beautiful

Rosebud (moss) - Admittance of love

Roses (bouquet of mature blooms) - Thankfulness

Roses (single full bloom) - You are still my one love

In case you aren’t too keen on exploring too many different options in flowers and would rather go with a personal favorite, maybe you would like to explore a variety in colors, based on what each color signifies.

Colors of flowers

Red - Passion, love, desire, burning love, anger

Dark Red - Longevity, perseverance, vitality

Yellow - Love affair, disloyalty, extravagance, self-confidence, accomplishment

Blue - Anxiety, confidence, capacity

Pink/Rose - Youth, affection, adoration

Violet/Purple - Altruism, grace, obedience, timidity

White - Purity, innocence, modesty

Orange - Satisfaction, gratified love

Green - Amusement, brightness

Lilac - Pure love, lover’s love

A few things to remember

The flower arrangement

Keep it simple. Have more flowers and fewer accompaniments. Don’t let the arrangement look crowded and confused. Elegance and simplicity are the key words here.

Through a florist

If you’re arranging the delivery through a florist, ensure that he has all the necessary details like name, correct address, telephone number and if you’re arranging a delivery to her workplace, then the floor of the office, department she works in and the time you would like it to be delivered.

How will you present it?

It’s not only about the flowers but if you’re delivering them personally, presentation is everything. If it’s a single bloom you might want to leave it in a place she will chance upon it and be touched. Or sneak up on her from the back and produce it magically before her eyes. Only make sure she doesn’t have anything breakable in her hands! Accompany it with a loving smile, a passionate embrace or a deep kiss.