Sending No Reason Flowers to your Wife - Surprise her with a Flower Bouquet


So how long has it really been since you took time out from your work and visited a florist, to order a bouquet of flowers for your wife? Granted, that work and family responsibilities leave us with little opportunities for such romantic gestures, but what could be more vital to a marriage than love!

Flowers are the timeless messengers of love and can convey volumes with their colours, fragrance and touch. And who more worthy of receiving these tokens of love, than your wife - who is your helpmate, your lover and the mother of your wonderful kids? So before your marriage begins to show signs of wilting under the daily routine, infuse it with life and colour by sending flowers to your wife - especially when there is no particular reason to do so.

Choose her favourite

Try to remember if your wife ever mentioned a favourite flower. If you can, make sure you send those blooms. And if you have no idea what her favourite flower is, ask a family member or a close friend. Your wife will not only be overjoyed to receive flowers from you, but also touched to see that you have remembered to send her favourite.

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Find a connection

Pick out flowers to which you can find a sentimental connection in your love life. For instance, if you happen to remember the floral print dress or the floral perfume she wore on your first date, send her those blooms with a note reminiscing about the connection. Your wife will love the flowers and especially the romantic thought behind it.

Explore other blooms

Sending roses has become passé. Use your imagination, or visit a florist to get more ideas on what flowers to send your wife. Results of several surveys show that when women choose flowers for themselves, they usually settle for more exotic blooms. So, if your wife loves fragrant flowers, choose from gardenias, freesias, lilacs and lilies of the valley. If she enjoys vibrant blooms, consider sending a bouquet of gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums or bouvardias. Again, if your wife would like to have a long-lasting bouquet on her desk, choose from tropical flowers like anthuriums, ginger or birds-of-paradise.

Keep in mind the symbolism

Choose flowers according to the message you want to convey to your wife and she will love the symbolism. For instance, send her a bouquet of pretty forget-me-nots, to remind her of your everlasting love. Again a bunch of sweet-smelling gardenias, conveys the message of secret love, while hibiscus blooms represent delicate beauty. A tastefully done up bouquet of sunflowers can mean the sender’s timeless devotion for the recipient.

Colour matters too

Ever since the tradition of sending flowers began, their colour has conveyed the unspoken message between the sender and the receiver. Red flowers signal love, while yellow stands for friendship. Pink flowers are a symbol of tender affection, while vibrant orange conveys a deep passion. White blooms have traditionally signalled chastity and a purity of love. So, choose flowers according to the message you want to convey, and your wife will cherish the symbolism.

Order from a local florist

While ordering flowers online or through an 800 number is more convenient, taking time out to buy from a local florist may help you in adding that personal touch. What’s more, your wife is more likely to receive fresh, quality flowers and you could add a hand-written note to accompany the bouquet – a gesture bound to make her feel extra special. On the other hand, you could order online and make sure she gets the flowers first thing in the morning, or even when you're travelling and she's missing you.

Stick to the season

While roses and lilies are year-long favourites, why not explore the season’s floral offerings for that special touch. Choose from buttercups, daffodils and daisies in spring and in autumn, you can select flowers for their warm browns, rusts and golds. Write a short poem on the season’s signature blooms and your wife is sure to be bowled over by your creativity.

See what you have ordered

It is always better to place the order in person, rather than have your secretary or someone else do it. This way, you will be able to check the quality of flowers being sent to your loved one. Ask the florist to leave out the extra greenery. Ferns, baby’s breath and palm fronds make a bouquet seem unnecessarily crowded. You want to send flowers to your wife, and not fillers. Again, while there is no reason to shell out exorbitant sums for orchids and other types of rare blooms, see that what you are sending is special. Carnations, for instance, are rather inexpensive and can end up making you look cheap. Look for flowers that are in season and you can save money when ordering. Ordering on the internet is another way to save money. You can browse through thousands of options usually, looking at the flower arrangements before your order. That way, you know exactly what will be delivered. It saves time, as you can order from your office.

Consider where to send them

If your wife goes out to work during the day, maybe you can send her the flowers at her workplace. She will not only have the whole day to enjoy them, but also be pleased to show it off to her co-workers in the office. However, if your wife is a stay-at-home mom, use your imagination in thinking of interesting ways to surprise her. Maybe you could have the flowers delivered at the beauty salon, where you know she spends an afternoon every week. She is sure to get a lot of oohs and aahs from the ladies working there and envious glances from other clients who are getting their hair done. Or simply having the flowers delivered to your wife at home, may the best way of putting a smile on her lips for the whole day.

A book published in 2004 revealed that as many as 15 percent of women in the US buy flowers for themselves on Valentine’s Day. But if you have gone through the above points, you know that you need not wait for a special occasion to send your wife flowers. After all, the whole point of sending "no reason flowers" to your wife, is to let her know that you love her every day and every moment of your life. And what better symbols of love than flowers, as the poet, Park Benjamin, once said, “Flowers are Love’s truest language.”