Creative Ways to Send Flowers to your Girlfriend


Flowers are the timeless messengers of love and can convey volumes with their colors, fragrance and touch. And who more worthy of receiving these tokens of love than your beloved? So whether you have been in a relationship of many years and wish to surprise your girlfriend or wish to indulge a new relationship, here are some creative ways to send flowers to a girlfriend.

Surprise her at work

If your girlfriend goes out to work during the day, maybe you can send her the flowers at her workplace. She will not have the whole day to enjoy them but also be pleased to show it off to her co-workers in the office. However, if your girl is in a job where she does not have her own room, cubicle or a desk, then you have to consider whether it would be a good idea to send her flowers at her workplace.

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Choose another venue

If your partner is a stay-at-home mom, use your imagination and think up a few creative ways on how to send the flowers and surprise her. Maybe you could have the flowers delivered at the beauty salon where you know she spends an afternoon every week. She is sure to get a lot of oohs and aahs from the ladies working there and envious glances from other clients who are getting their hair done. Or simply having the flowers delivered to your wife at home early in the morning may the best way of putting a smile on her lips for the whole day.

Highlight a connection

If you are trying to find creative ideas on sending flowers to your girlfriend, Pick out those to which you can find a sentimental connection in your love life. For instance if you happen to remember the floral print dress or the floral perfume she wore on your first date, send her those blooms with a note reminiscing about the connection. Your girlfriend may have worn a lilac color dress or perhaps had a pendant designed as forget-me-nots. Your wife will love the flowers and especially the romantic thought behind it.

Go online

These there are any number of florists which take orders of flowers over the internet and then deliver the flowers at a particular time and place to the receiver. If you wish to jazz up your bouquet, have it accompanied with a box of gourmet chocolates or a heart-shaped cake that is a particular favorite of your girlfriend’s.

Heavenly fragrance

Another way that you can make your bouquet unique is to depart from the common option of flowers whose main beauty is visual. Part of the attraction of flowers is their high degree of sensual appeal. So if you are looking for an unusual kind of bouquet to impress your girlfriend, put together one that is highly fragrant. Choose from gardenias, freesias, lilacs and lilies of the valley, all of which smell divine. And when your girlfriend decides them to keep them in her room, the perfume from the flowers can create the right setting for an intimate evening.

Silky touch

Here is another creative idea to indulge your girlfriend with flowers. Steer clear of the conventional bouquet and instead surprise her by sprinkling rose petals on your bed. The silky feel of rose petals and their vibrant colors, especially against a light colored bed sheet is sure to look and feel exquisite. In fact if you wish to up the romance quotient, be prepared with two dainty flutes of champagne and when the moment is right, raise a toast to your love in this lovely setting.

Explore other blooms

Sending roses has become all too common. Use your imagination or visit a florist to get more ideas on what flowers to send your girlfriend. Results of several surveys show that when women choose flowers for themselves, they usually settle for more exotic blooms. If she enjoys vibrant blooms consider sending a bouquet of gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums or bouvardias. Again if your beloved would like to have a long-lasting bouquet on her desk, choose from tropical flowers like anthuriums, ginger or birds-of-paradise. If you are not too keen on the standard bouquet format, send her the flowers in a basket or perhaps in a lovely crystal bowl so that even when the blooms have dried, she can continue to use the vessel as a vase or a mantelpiece ornament.

Give a thought to the symbolism

While most people know that red roses convey love and passion, there is a whole range of flower symbolism that can help you in getting creative with your bouquet. So choose flowers according to the message you want to convey to your girlfriend and she will love the symbolism. For instance send her a bouquet of pretty forget-me-nots to remind her of your everlasting love. Again a bunch of sweet-smelling gardenias convey the message of secret love while hibiscus blooms represent delicate beauty. A tastefully done up bouquet of sunflowers can mean the sender’s timeless devotion for the recipient.

Play with colors

Alternately you can also make your gift special by playing up the symbolic meaning of the color of the flowers. Ever since the tradition of sending flowers began, their color has conveyed the unspoken message between the sender and the receiver. Red flowers like roses and red tulips signal love while yellow like daffodils could stand for friendship. Pink flowers like Pink Hydrangeas, Hyacinth and Posy Calla Lillies might work as a symbol of tender affection while vibrant orange conveys a deep passion. White blooms have traditionally signaled chastity and a purity of love. So choose flowers according to the message you want to convey and your girlfriend will cherish the symbolism.

Fresh is best

While roses and lilies are year-long favorites, why not explore the season’s floral offerings to make your bouquet truly unique? Choose from buttercups, daffodils and daisies in spring and in autumn you can select flowers for their warm browns, rusts and golds. Better still, pen a short poem on the season’s signature blooms and your girlfriend is sure to be bowled over by your creativity.