Second Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your second wedding anniversary is round the corner and you have just started racking your brains on what to get for your spouse. Now that you have spent two years with each other, perhaps you know a little more about what attracts his or her interest. Even so, here are some gift suggestions for your second wedding anniversary, based on both the traditional and modern conventions.

By the time you complete two years of your marriage, you two have begun to get pretty comfortable with each other. Perhaps this is why cotton is regarded as the traditional material for second wedding anniversary gifts since the fabric is associated both with comfort and durability.

Stylish apparel in cotton makes for some of the most popular second marriage anniversary gifts. If you want to surprise your partner, make sure to know his/her size and preferences in color. Alternatively you can take your spouse shopping with you and let him/her pick up something on their own. Even within cotton, there are a numerous blends and weaves to choose from so have a field day browsing for the perfect shirt or kaftan for your spouse on your second marriage anniversary.

If your partner is house-proud and loves experimenting with furnishings and decorations, how about presenting her with gift-coupons from a reputed store for home fashions? That way, she can shop for cotton-based curtains, covers for cushions, sofa, beds and tables as well as anything else that may take her fancy.

Again, if cooking or baking figures as one of partner’s favorite hobbies, you can also gift him or her with gloves, aprons, place mats, coasters and other kitchen accessories made of cotton. Because of the insulation that cotton provides, it is in fact one of the most preferred materials for kitchen and dining fabrics.

If however you are looking to make your anniversary gift a more sensual affair, shop for nightwear or bed linen in cotton. While satin and velvet are conventional fabrics for sexy nightwear, those made from cotton have a soft and comfortable feeling all of their own. Other than nightwear, you could also look at pillow covers, bed covers, throws and quilt, all made from cotton and guaranteed to banish bedroom boredom in your third year of marriage.


As far as a physical sense of luxury is concerned, few things can beat a set of plush bath towels. So go for a set in your spouse’s favorite colors and as a bonus, you can offer to rub his/her back after a warm sensuous bath. Alternatively you could also settle for soft and plush bathrobes which can raise can the style quotient of the most ordinary bath-wear.

Cotton also makes for attractive rugs and floor mats which are especially ideal for warm climates. So if you are planning to do up your hubby’s study or want to gift something cozy for your wife’s den, this could be the perfect gift idea for your spouse on your second wedding anniversary.

For partners interested in outdoor activities, clothing and gear from canvas or durable cotton can make for welcome gifts. You can choose from a vast range of both men’s and women’s clothing which are ideal for adventure sports enthusiasts or for those who just love being outdoors.

Again for those spouses with sophisticated taste in accessories, hand-embroidered handkerchiefs in fine cotton can make for perfect second wedding anniversary gifts. If you are choosing for your wife, you can look at those edged with delicate lace or if you are buying for you husband, you could have them personalized with his initials.

For art lovers, paintings on cotton canvas or cloth can make for particularly precious gifts. Egyptian paintings or South Asian Batik paintings made on a cotton base are globally famous for their vibrant colors and detailed artistry. However you may need to put in some time and effort to come across outlets or websites which specialize in these kinds of paintings since they are usually not mass-produced or available on a large scale.

The modern convention for second marriage anniversary gifts is china, its elegance and pristine beauty most likely symbolizing a marital love which has begun to find its bearing. Like cotton, china too offers a wide range of possibilities in gift-giving. Dinnerware and formal tableware are perhaps the most popular gifts when it comes to china and in fact these are a practical investment for a couple who will be socializing much more now that they are married.

If you want your gift to have a more personal appeal, you could go for figurines or showpieces in delicate, hand-painted china. If your budget is not a constraint, you could even check out Dresden china pieces which are renowned all over the world for their fragile beauty and minute craftsmanship. On the other hand, for a partner with a more practical bent of mind, candlesticks holders, decanters, tea cups, pots, trays and mugs in china may be more welcome than delicate ornaments. 

The traditional gemstone for second marriage anniversary is garnet, beautiful for its rich hues which can range from purple to maroon and even magenta. If you are looking for something to gift your wife, there are some lovely ideas in lockets and ear-rings with garnet while husbands can be indulged with cuff-links and tie-clips in the same gemstone.

Cosmos is the traditional flower for second marriage anniversary. As far as blooms go, cosmos does not appear to particularly spectacular but when tastefully combined with light green ferns or small white flowers, a bunch of red cosmos flowers can make for a gorgeous bouquet, one that is sure to thrill your spouse on this special day.

Shopping for second marriage anniversary gift ideas can be a real pleasure considering the versatility of both cotton and china. So whether your spouse is a stickler for tradition or loves experimenting with modern ideas go ahead and choose from whatever material he/she loves best.