Romantic Anniversary Gifts for Men

One of the earliest known celebrations related to relationships, is that of the wedding anniversary. While traditional anniversary gifts by year focused more on objects needed to put together a house, over time newer and higher-valued presents began to be appreciated by couples.  However when wishing your husband on your anniversary you don't have to follow a pre-determined list. After all it is your own special day and so choose what he would love best. Here are a few romantic anniversary gift ideas for men to help you along.

Check out the traditional

Why not start out by seeing if the traditional anniversary gift list has something nice to offer? If it is your first anniversary, try to think of something romantic that can be done with paper. For instance you could put together a scrap book of lovely handmade paper and then fill it with love letters, romantic cards and sexy notes that you may have exchanged in the past. Again if you are celebrating your fifth anniversary and are stuck on gift ideas with wood, how about settling for a nice love couch made from high quality wood and polished to a romantic amber color? The trick is to think creatively and you are sure to come with some truly romantic ideas based on traditional anniversary gifts.

Help your man smell divine

Colognes will never go out of fashion when choosing a romantic gift for a man. And if it is your anniversary, you could put in some extra effort in choosing the perfect fragrance for him. Here you could either be guided according to your man’s personality or his preferences in fragrances. Go for a woodsy blend like in L’Eau de Issey Pour Homme if your man is fond of the outdoors or perhaps a more sophisticated John Varvatous if he is a person of discriminating tastes. Again you could also give your gift a special touch by relating it to the year of your anniversary. For instance if you are celebrating your fourth year of marriage, how about choosing Touch for Men from Burberry which is an excellent blend of fruity and floral notes but masculine at the same time.

Romantic reading

For a lover of the written word, few things make better gifts than books. If your husband is fond of poetry, you could go for a collection of Shakespeare’s Sonnets which include some of the most passionate and insightful expressions on love. On the other hand, if your man is more into fiction, how about Correlli’s Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres which explores many shades of love in the times of war and conflict. In fact books make good gifts on first anniversaries when the theme is paper and even for third or twelfth when you can have them bound in leather and silk respectively.


Bring a sparkle to your husband’s eyes on your anniversary by gifting him some classy jewelry. Here again you can take advantage of traditional or modern anniversary gift traditions.  If you are celebrating twenty-five years of marriage, you could go for a set of silver cuff-links with precious stones of your husband’s choice. Or if you are more tuned to the modern list of anniversary gifts, you could pick a solitaire ring for him on your tenth anniversary. Even if you are looking for something more affordable, there are a range of silver-plated men’s jewelry to choose from - just make sure to give it a personal touch like having it engraved with both your initials.


Raise a toast to your years of being together by gifting your man his favorite spirit. If he is a connoisseur of fine wines, go to the trouble of digging out a fine red Bordeaux that has matured well or perhaps a Dom Perignon from one of the vintage years. On the other hand if your husband prefers something stronger, you could settle for Single Malt whiskeys like a Benromach from the Speyside range. On the more affordable side are red wines from the New Regions like Cameron Hughes or a white made from Chardonnay grapes. Alternatively a good brandy like Cognac or liqueurs in various flavors can also make romantic anniversary gifts for men who like to keep their drinks light.

Accessorize him with your love

Accessories are a popular choice when it comes to buying romantic gifts for men. On the occasion of your anniversary you can match the accessory with the traditional material marked for the year. For instance on your third anniversary you can choose from leather-based accessories like belts, wallets and even designer shoes. If you happen to be celebrating eleven years of marriage, you could go for tie-holders or writing accessories in sterling steel. The modern list of anniversary gifts in fact has watches for fifteenth anniversaries and crystal or glass for celebrating three years of being together.

Gift him a vacation

What could be a more romantic gift for your man that one which will let him spend your anniversary on the golden beaches of a tropical paradise? Let him choose the destination and then plan to spend your anniversary there. If he is the adventurous sort, you both could set out for the island of Mauritius. But again if you want to be closer home, a luxury Caribbean cruise would be a lovely way to celebrate a milestone marriage.

Put together a gift basket

The best thing about a gift basket is that it has a little of every nice thing. So if it is your anniversary, decide on a gift basket for your husband which would contain some of his favorite stuff. If he is sports buff, how about putting together a sports-themed basket including a T-shirt or a cap from his favorite team and even tickets to a game. A better idea would be to assemble a second honeymoon gift basket with romantic gifts like an intimate board game, a massage cream, body frosting and perhaps a copy of the Kamasutra.

While traditional anniversary themes highlights the significance of the occasion, you can have more fun in coming up with creative yet romantic gift ideas for your loved one. Just make sure that you wrap it up with lots of love and kisses.