Gifts you can give your boyfriend


For every boy, buying a gift for his girlfriend is no big deal. There are so many gift items available for girls in the market. When it comes to giving a gift to your boyfriend, you are often flummoxed. What do I give him apart from an expensive T-shirt or a watch? Instead of going for a generic or a common item, you can opt for gifts that suit his temperament or nature. While choosing a gift for your boyfriend, keep in mind his interests and hobbies too. A gift which can be put to good use is long cherished and loved.

Here are a few ideas of gifts that you can give your boyfriend

1. Designer clothes

If your boyfriend has a penchant for wearing designer clothes, then take him to a designer boutique and allow him to sail in a self-indulgence trip. Few stores even offer handy tips to their patrons, like advice on colors that suit their personality/complexion, tips on color co-ordination etc. Buying designer clothes for your boyfriend is definitely an expensive idea but since it's not going to be a regular indulgence, you should have no regrets on loosening your purse strings!

2. Pamper his senses

If your boyfriend is overstressed or ignoring his health then enroll him into a fitness program or take him to a spa for a complete body treatment. This may not only rejuvenate his tired muscles but may do wonders to his senses too..

3. Magazine subscriptions

If you have a book lover for a boyfriend, gift him a yearly subscription of his favorite magazine. If fiction or non-fiction books appeal to him, then gift him a first edition book of his favorite author.

4. Gadgets galore

It's a widespread belief that men love to possess the latest gadgets that hit the market. Every electronics store is flooded with the latest gadgets from sleek mobiles and laptop, to an I-pod or a PDA. Boys experience a deep sense of pride when they become owners of a latest cell phone or any electronic gadget, for that matter.

5. Makeover

Many magazines and tabloids invite readers to send their photographs and profile for a free makeover. Send your boyfriend's pictures to any such magazine citing catchy reasons as to why he needs an image makeover. If selected, his 'before' and 'after' photos published in the magazine will make him popular and at the same time, he gets a total change in image for free! Be careful though! You might have to deal with other girls hitting on him thereafter!

6. Pets

Just leave a cute puppy or kitten at his doorstep with a guide book on how to take care of pets. Try giving a pet to your boyfriend, you may be surprised to see the happiness and glow on his face.

7. Romantic Poetry

If words flow out of your mouth in the form of verse, then pen a poem for him. Expressing your true feelings for your boyfriend in the form of a poem is one of the most romantic and cost-effective ideas of a suitable gift for your beau.

8. Personalized gifts

Give him a personalized gift. it could be a t-shirt or a coffee mug or a flask or anything else you can think of. $CAFEPRESS-TXT$ has millions of items you can buy, personalized. You can get a t-shirt with any quote you want, see a preview online and order it, for as little as $15 or you can upload your own art work to be printed on any product you pick.