Gifts for men - Suggested gifts for men


Everybody loves to receive a gift. It could be for an occasion - a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day. But the best gifts are the ones that are unexpected; that are given for no special reason at all. To let your man know you love him, or to let your friend know that you appreciate him.

Apart from the joy it gives the recipient, a gift also brings pleasure to the giver. Sometimes it is difficult thinking up the right gift to suit the person or the occasion. Yet often you end up having fun shopping for the gift. But the biggest kick comes out of the happiness on your loved one's face when he receives the gift. It makes him feel special!

They say, "It’s the thought that counts." But try and make your gift count too!

If it's his birthday or anniversary or some breakthrough in his career that he's celebrating, you can always send flowers. They're also a very 'safe' bet if you're not sure about his interests. Choose from the florists we've shortlisted, offering bouquets from $29 with delivery offered within the United States and internationally.

Gift suggestions for a man:

1. Gizmos

Most men love having the latest in electronics. If you have the budget for it give him the best money can buy, be it an I-pod, laptop or a digital camera.

2. Clothing

Add to his wardrobe. Gift him a nice formal shirt, a cool T-shirt, shorts.

3. Vouchers

If you’d like to gift him something but aren’t really sure of his size, buy him a voucher and let him choose. This way you ensure he not only gets his size but also something of his choice!

4. Cell phone

With the range of cell phones to choose from, one is spoilt for choice. If money isn’t an issue, he’ll love this one!

5. Something of interest

If he has a particular hobby like collecting model cars, gift him one that he’s been trying to acquire but hasn’t been able to.

6. Football memorabilia

Most men are fanatical about the game of football. If he has a favorite team, gift him a T-shirt, key chain or autographed ball.

7. Season tickets

Whichever sport he’s passionate about, gift him season tickets to the game.

8. Sports/gym gear

If he’s a fitness freak or sports enthusiast, gift him track pants, a jersey or shoes of his favorite brand.

9. Wallet

Quite often, men’s wallets tend to get pretty tattered and they rarely think of replacing it! Get your man a neat leather wallet and spice it up by putting your picture in it!

10. Belt

Get him a funky leather belt.

11. Novel

If he loves a good book, check out the best reads and gift him one he’ll enjoy.

12. Subscription to a magazine

Gift him a year’s subscription to Sports Illustrated or any of his favorite magazines/publications.

13. Ties

Choose from a range of ties, from the formal to the funky, to gift him.

14. Watch

Choose a watch that matches his personality. Keep in mind any skin allergies to metal/leather and if he needs a casual or a formal one.

15. Tattoo

If he’s into body art take him to a tattoo parlour and foot the bill.

16. Alcohol

Gift him a bottle of his favorite alcohol.

17. Implements

If he’s handy around the house and loves tinkering around, he might love a tool kit or even a Swiss knife.

18. CDs

CDs are always a safe bet, as a good album never goes to waste.

19. Sunglasses

If he doesn’t possess a pair or you know he’s looking to upgrade his current one, this is a really ‘hot’ gift.

20. Personal care products

You can never go wrong with this one. Just make sure you choose a deodorant that smells good or an aftershave/ shave gel that’s gentle on the skin.

21. Tiepin & cufflinks

For the black tie affairs, he’ll love this gift to complete his look.