Christmas Gifts for an Ex Boyfriend


Christmas is a season of good cheer and best wishes. So even if you are no longer with a guy, you can still explore the idea of presenting him something nice on this holiday season. However buying a gift for an ex can be tricky – it will have to be impersonal but not ironic. It cannot be cheap but at the same time you wouldn’t want to spend a packet on a guy who probably left you. To help you tide over the difficulties, here are a few gift ideas for an ex-boyfriend on Christmas.

Keep it impersonal

Choose something for your ex that would reveal your best wishes for him without hinting at any amorous intentions. Go for items like belts, wallets and briefcases made from superior quality leather. Diaries, pen-cases and organizers are other options in the same line but within a smaller price range. These exclusive gifts will reveal your discriminating taste without making them appear personal in any way. Yet another option would be present to him with gift cards so that he can later on choose something of his own preference. You could also try a neutral gift like movie passes or pre-paid credit cards to keep things impersonal but convey your Christmas wishes at the same time.

Avoid intimate items

Colognes and personal use products are best avoided when choosing gifts for an ex-boyfriend. The same goes for men’s jewelry, boxer shorts or adult games and toys. You don’t want your ex to think that you still have the hots for him. And even if you secretly want him back, it would never do to make your desire known so openly. There are other ways of getting back your ex but giving him an intimate present is not one of them.

Stick to his preferences

Gift buying for an ex-boyfriend should not be so hard because you already have a fair idea of his likes and dislikes. Steer clear from books if you are aware that your ex is not much of a reader. Go for golf accessories if you know his passion lies that way. If you are getting him music CDs, go for the bands that you know he enjoys. To do otherwise and intentionally gif him with things that you know he abhors might make him think that the gift is a subtle jab at the history you had together.

Use caution

If you have a cordial relationship with an ex-boyfriend, by all means use your knowledge of his likes and dislikes while choosing a Christmas gift. However use caution on how you use your shared past – thus avoid items which may evoke unpleasant memories for either of you. For instance if your ex may have stamp-collecting as a hobby but if you had torn up a collection in a fit of rage, it may be a good idea to avoid anything on those lines. Again you may want to present him with the latest album of his favorite band, but if you had one of your worst fights at one of their concerts, maybe you should think of some other music group. So choose gifts which are in tune with his tastes but come with no baggage of the past.

Check out the hi-tech stuff

Most men are suckers for the latest electronic consumables. You could buy a card DVD player for your ex-boyfriend if you know that he spends long hours commuting to his workplace. Or you could settle for the latest high-definition wall-mounted TV set if you are feeling particularly generous. The best part of electronic items is that they come in various types and budgets and cannot be mistaken for an intimate gift by even the most jealous girlfriend.

Practical is perfect

The best Christmas gift for a guy is something useful and practical. There is a whole range of gadgets out there from which you are sure to find something right for an ex-boyfriend. Go for a handy GPS system if he is fond of traveling or hits the hiking trails ever so often. Or you could try a state-of-the art cooking range if your ex is fond of whipping up new recipes over the weekend. Getting him something practical like a tool set will not only mean that his current partner will have nothing to object to, but will also mean ensure that the product will actually be used beyond Christmas.

Go an extra mile

If you continue to share a pleasant relationship with your ex-boyfriend, you may consider putting in a bit of an effort in choosing the right Christmas gift for him. A great way to do this would be to indulge his tastes. If he subscribes to a wine-appreciation club, you could present him with a set of exclusive wine glasses or stylish cocktail mixer. Again if know your ex likes to travel, how about gifting him membership to a travel or hospitality club? However when making such generous gifts, be prepared to accept that he may enjoy them with his present partner and not necessarily ask you over when opening that bottle of vintage ’96 Dom Perignon that you may have painstakingly sourced for him.

Sign off with good cheer

If you wish a Christmas card to accompany your gift, make sure it is one that is upbeat and friendly in a casual sort of way. This isn't the time for private jokes once shared, or sappy "You're the sweetest guy in the world" kind of sentiments. It could be funny without being naughty but a simple expression of friendship would be best.

Stay away from the negative

You may be tempted to get sarcastic while choosing gifts for an ex, particularly if the break-up had been a messy one, or had been caused by your ex. If you both had broken up on account of his cheating with his office caterer, you may be sorely inclined to give him a set of frying pans or cook book. However it is best to refrain from being ironic since the Christmas season is all about good will. If you still feel very strongly about the past, it may be better to stay out of touch for now; however if you believe you can trust yourself to wish him a Merry Christmas, do so in an honest spirit of good faith and you both will feel much better for the experience.