Personalized wedding gifts

Personalized wedding gifts

Guests usually have a range of items to choose from when deciding on a wedding gift. As a newly married couple is usually setting up home, they can choose from a wide variety of china, dinnerware, glassware, furnishing, linen, etc.

What adds that extra special touch though, and sets the gift apart, is when it is personalized. The personal touch comes by way of monogramming the couple’s initials on particular items, which lends a classy touch to the gift.


Normally, monogramming on a wedding gift comprises either three initials or a single initial. If it is three initials, it is ordinarily the initials of the bride and groom on either side with the initial of their last name in the center, usually in larger font lettering than the initials on either side. Alternatively, a monogram might have only a single last-name (their new married name) initial.

Sometimes, it get a little more complicated if the bride decides to keep her maiden name or chooses to hyphenate her maiden name with her husband’s last name. To avoid erring on the wrong side, it is always best to check with either the couple themselves or the parents regarding how they plan to write their name.

Depending on your choice of gift, different items have a unique location where the monogram should be placed. Towels for instance, are monogrammed at the center of one end while tablecloths are monogrammed at the center of the long side, in the case of rectangular, and at one corner, in the case of square. Sheets are strategically monogrammed so that it can be viewed when folded down, while pillowcases are monogrammed a couple of inches above the hem.

There are various items that a couple can be gifted and personalized…


Whiskey glasses

Wine glasses

Champagne flutes

Beer mugs

Martini glasses

Glass wine cooler

Ice bucket with tongs

Bar tray

Pewter cooler




Personalized spatulas

Silver flatware



Top sheets



Dinner napkins

There are also less formal options to gift closer friends if they don’t want to go with the usual traditional stuff, like monogrammed boxers, cufflinks, personalized pajamas, dressing gowns, etc.