Romantic gift ideas for women


Are you sloppy at giving gifts? Did you just gift your wife a floor carpet on her birthday? Did you think it was really romantic when you presented your girlfriend with a new ironing board? After all, she needed one immediately. Maybe you are hopelessly unromantic and are  always breaking your lover's heart with either forgetting to gift on special days or giving terribly misplaced gifts. There are many who do not understand the nuances and techniques of gifting. Some find it a boring ritual while others see it as a task to be finished fast and easy. With a gift, you are giving away a part of yourself , a bouquet of well wishes and deep feelings, declaring your appreciation of the other’s worth to you and celebrating your relationship in a special way.

You need to be trained in the art of romantic gifting. There are hundreds of ideas for gifting him/her on special days available in books, magazines, on the internet and in special stores. Or simply consult a friend. But at first you must be timely, planning adequately in advance and planning the moment of gifting. You need to do your spadework, observing his/her likes and dislikes, what moves her and what he/she cares about. More than what he/she needs, it is the secret cravings that need to be discovered and sensed. This can only be done by a thoughtful and observant partner.

Here are some exotic and some traditional gifting ideas. You can choose from this wide array the gift that suits your relationship and the feelings to be conveyed.

1. Flowers

Red roses, pink carnations, white lilies and other natural flowers are a sure way to melt the heart of your girlfriend. If you want to be different, some stores also have gold roses, platinum roses, crystal roses, paper roses, glazed orchids, and wood flowers from exotic places like Bali. Flowers express love and affection through their beauty and fragrance. Choose from a list of florists offering delivery within the US and internationally.

2. Candles

Candles are romantic gifts, especially scented ones which can be lighted at romantic occasions. Candle light dinners are a popular way to celebrate special occasions. Scented gel candles, in different attractive colours to intoxicate the senses, are available in most gift stores. Fluoroucent lit dinners are totally unromantic and candles add to the magic of an evening together.

3. Jewellery

The finest jewellery was created with its wearer in mind. Jewellery is a popular gift idea. Women will swoon over diamond rings, bracelets, pendants and cultured pearl necklaces. Valentine's Day may be celebrated with heart-shaped pendants. Poesy rings and friendship rings with romantic messages engraved inside, are well-liked by lovers. For men, silver and diamond engraved cufflinks make an ideal gift. An engraved pocket watch may also be liked. Wearing matching jewellery will add a sparkle to your relationship.

4. Greeting cards and poems

If there is a particular emotion, there surely is also a greeting card  in the shop around the corner that expresses it to perfection. Touching vows of love, words of endearment, declarations of affection, sadness at separation, and happiness with commitment can all be expressed through greeting cards. Writing romantic letters is also a way to make him/her happy. Quoting romantic poems by Burns, Keats and their ilk, will surely impress your lover. Try even to compose a love letter or love poem by yourself - it will double the pleasure of your partner. Also available in some stores are Two-to Tango wish box kits. It contains 300 wish cards and 50 blank cards for each of you to fill out and give to the other.

5. Chocolates and perfumes

Chocolates are traditionally associated with gifting a lover while trying to woo her affection. They are totally and sinfully delicious and are sure to melt the lover’s heart. There is a wide array of sizes, flavours, shapes and packaging to entice the buyer.  You can also gift your partner an exotic perfume which she longs for, or a scent that appeals to your senses as suiting her personality. But deodorants are totally unromantic.

6. Music and movies

With time, you may be aware about his/her taste in music. You can personalize the gift of music, by recording your favourite songs on to a cassette or CD as a gift. If she digs songs like ‘Always on My Mind’ by Elvis Presley or is moved by “Groovy Kind of Love” by Phil Collins, you could tape her favourite songs and present it to her on Valentine’s Day and then spend a romantic evening listening to it together. If you are movie buffs, you could gift each other DVDs of favourite romantic movies like ‘Ghost ‘and ‘You’ve Got Mail.’ Or you could sob together, watching  ‘ An Affair to Remember’.

7. Plan getaways

You could surprise your mate with tickets to a movie, play or a favourite basketball game. Or you could plan a romantic weekend away at a mountain resort or a drive in the country.  Don’t forget to take along a package called "Picnic for Two", also called "Love Hamper", costing around 74 pounds, it contains luxurious, heart-shaped cushions (called Cupid’s Pillows), luxurious bed sheets, a bottle of champagne, and a bag of individually wrapped Belgian chocolates, scented candles, and scroll arrows to write love messages.

8. Exchanging exotic lotions and balms

Popular gifts for romantic evenings include a Pamper spa set, scented bath soap, a massage set, bathing salts and exotic lotions.

9. Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts are much valued and are an excellent choice for birthdays, wedding anniversaries and valentine day dates. Virtually anything and everything can be personalized or monogrammed, from t-shirts to golf clubs! You don’t always have to spend a fortune to give a meaningful gift. Try a good online store to pick personalized gifts, beginning from as little as $5 and they have millions of items available. You can also just type in your text and see how it looks on something before you decide whether or not to buy it.

There are thousands of gift ideas if you have the time and motivation to make it wonderful. The idea is to surprise, satisfy and make his/her day.