Unique and Creative Gift Ideas For Your Wife


Your wife's birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to give her. You want something unique and thoughtful that will show her just how much you are in love with her. Finding that special gift for your beautiful wife can cause unwanted stress and frustration. Giving your wife that perfect gift can actually be fun if you relax and let your creative juices flow. Creativity comes in many forms when it is applied to gifts. The ideas are limitless. You only need to know what your wife enjoys and cherishes.

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Women want something from the heart, so give it to her. A great gift, that any woman would be delighted to receive is a keepsake photo album with fond memories. Go through all your pictures and pick out your, or her, favourites from the moment you met up until a few weeks before her current birthday. Make a mini scrapbook biography with the pictures, movie tickets, wine bottle labels, and any other mementos you may have collected during your relationship. On the last page of the scrapbook/ photo album, you can attach a sweetheart ring or necklace, so after she looks through the whole book, she will find your new gift. The jewellery is optional but the memento-laden book will be enough to light up her face. Be warned, this gift idea may bring bring tears of joy to her eyes.

One of the greatest gifts I received from my husband was money. The money itself was quite a boring, uncreative gift, but the presentation was everything. I had decided I wanted a bird. He didn't know what kind I wanted, so instead of trying to guess, he learned how to fold paper. He then folded up a bunch of bills into origami birdies and hung them from the ceiling. When I entered the kitchen, all these little moneybirds were swirling and floating around. It was truly a magical and thoughtful way of giving me the money to buy what I wanted. Make a traditional gift more unique. It is all in the presentation.

How about this really cool birthday gift? A gift of maid service for a year will elicit kisses galore from your busy wife. She always seems to be caught up with the chores. The maid service will help her get a handle on the house. They will either assist the client or take complete responsibility for the cleaning. You can hire them for once a week, every other week, once a month or even a one-time cleaning. Most are relatively inexpensive if you go with the once-a-month option and the benefits of a less-stressed wife outweigh the small cost.

A really great gift for that busy wife of yours is the coupon book. It's personal, thoughtful and inexpensive. Take the time to put real heart and thought into it. Anyone can boot up a computer and print out a bunch of papers from a document program. What you can do to make yours an over-the-top present is decorate it with fabric, beads, photos and anything else you can think of then fill it with loads of offers for help with the chores and free time.

Making a coupon book is easy. Collect old unwanted clothes of family members. It's best to ask the owner of the garment before cutting it up! After you have a nice collection of fabrics with different prints and textures, cut out all sorts of shapes, letters and designs, then paste them, along with the other items you've collected, on both sides of two pieces of 4" x 6"cardboard. Punch two holes in the cardboard on the left side. About 20 coupons, with holes on the left, should be attached to the inside of the cardboard. Glue works, but stringing colourful yarn through the holes is even better.

You will then make the first page with instructions for use. You can say something like, "Dearest Julia, these coupons come from my heart. they can be cashed in anytime, no questions asked". Design coupons that relate to her life. Some coupon examples include: Get Out of Argument Free, One Hour to Myself, Cook's Night Off, etc. Design each coupon to be personal and whimsical. The coupon book gift is sure to be a winner with every woman. When I received one of these a few years back for Mother's Day from my husband and children, I was delighted. I begged for another the following year.

A beautiful and elegant gift basket is also sure to please even the pickiest woman. First and most important, find a container she can use or cherish after the goodies are gone. If she likes football, the container could be a replica of her favourite team's helmet. Does she enjoy gardening? Find a nice decorated water bucket or small wheelbarrel. Fill the container with theme-appropriate gifts. The football helmet can be filled with game day snacks and/or team memorabilia. The water bucket or wheel barrel will be perfect with seeds, gloves and gardening tools, along with either a recipe book or book of flowers. Top it off with gourmet snacks and flavoured tea. You can either gift wrap  the items individually or just stuff them neatly in the container. Tie a beautiful bow around it and Viola! You're finished. The ideas are limitless and even the most creatively deficient person can arrange a dazzling lot of small items your wife needs or wants, in a useful or touching holder.

Giving your gorgeous wife a gift to remember on her birthday only involves a little creativity, some time and a lot of love. Remember to keep HER in mind when purchasing or making the gift. It is about what she deserves, not what you want. Present gifts uniquely and ingeniously in a way she won't be able to forget. If she remembers the gift, or at least the moment, years later, you did a great job!