Christmas Gifts for Her


Giving and receiving of gifts makes up an essential part of festivities in any culture. And Christmas is one of the widest celebrated holidays in the world, this would surely be a time when men would be wracking their brains to come up with the ideal present for the ladies in their lives. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas for women, whether you are looking to gift your wife, girlfriend, mom, daughter or simply the kind old lady at the teashop.

Make jewelry special

If you are looking to impress a woman, you are unlikely to go wrong with jewelry and this holds true for mothers and daughters as well as wives and girlfriends. However if she is tired of baubles and trinkets that fills up her jewelry boxes, go for something special like a ring carved with a personal message or a pair of earrings studded with her birthstone. Alternately you could make the gift appropriate to the occasion by looking for a pendant in the shape of a wreath or tiny ear-studs designed like Christmas bells. You could even gift her a locket studded with a precious stone like emerald, sapphire or amethyst – something that will match the color of her eyes. The secret to making jewelry unusual is to make it relevant to her and include a personal symbolism.

Something sexy

Lingerie counts as one of the most popular gift ideas among couples who are intimate. However men must remember not to make a dash for the stiletto heels and crotchless panties in the lingerie store unless they are sure that their partners would not feel that this sort of thing is at odds with the Christmas spirit. So if you intend to give your girl something intimate this Christmas, make sure that the lingerie is as much for her as it is for you. A great idea would be a soft chemise which is sexy but also a comfortable cotton. For a slightly sexier look, you can try lacy bra and boy short set.

Eternal fragrance

Perfume remains yet another dependable gift for a woman on a special occasion. Choose a fragrance which is sweet and sensual without being too heavy. A floral-fruity blend with top notes of rose, jasmine or orange blossom and underscored by base notes of musk , sandalwood or vanilla would be perfect for the round of Christmas parties while those with a woodsy note would be more suitable for a girl who likes to spend her time in the outdoors.

Practical is perfect

For women on the go, a gift which meets her day to day needs would be highly welcome, even on Christmas. If your girlfriend is perpetually short of time running chores, may be you can gift her a suitable home appliance which will cut down on the hours spent in the kitchen. Alternately a working girl would appreciate an electronic diary or a scheduler for a gift which will help her to manage her appointments better. Other gift ideas on this theme would be a year’s supply of groceries from the local store delivered at home or discount coupons at her favorite delicatessen which will help her to indulge a sweet tooth. All these gift ideas may not seem so romantic but are practical and so you can be assured that they will be put to good use. Best of all, you can also use these gift ideas to make Christmas extra special for an elderly female relative or a beloved neighbor.

Let her indulge

What woman does not like to spend a lazy afternoon, pampering her body and soothing her senses? Gift your lady a session at the spa of her choice for this Christmas and it will much more to her than yet another bracelet or a bow-tied hand blender. While this does not mean that going to the spa or a salon is an unusual experience for her, your thinking up such a gift idea would impress her and who knows she may also ask you to accompany her. Whether you are ultimately invited or not, she is sure to have a luxurious time at the spa and is bound to come to you with a glowing look and a happy smile.

Add to her collection

Almost every woman loves to collect something. With some it may be books and paintings while with others it may be jewelry, crystal or antiques. As someone close to her, you will know where her interests run, so make use of that knowledge and choose a gift accordingly for this Christmas. For instance if your wife or girlfriend loves showing off her library, try to find a rare edition of a book by her favorite author. Or if she is into ethic fabrics, see if you can get your hands on an original Batik from South Asia.

Keep her warm

For most, Christmas is a time of snow and freezing cold and what better way to show your love for your girl than by wrapping her up in the warmth of your love. You can look for a Cashmere pullover for a woman of taste or a stole made from the finest Pashmina wool. Those of you with more limited resources can go for comfy woolen socks or a nice rug to keep her toes warm. This is yet another Christmas gift idea which can come in handy for women other than your partner.

Get away from it all

This Christmas, how about leaving all the rain and sleet behind and escaping to balmier climes with your lady love? From the billions of travel destinations in this world, surely there is still one which she has not yet visited. Alternately you can also look for a cruise which runs Christmas specials and for couples too. Remember this is your gift to her so let her decide where and when to go and for how long. Also let her pick the hotel, the sights to see and the cuisine to order. Your only constraint is your budget and perhaps there is no harm in letting her know how deep your pockets run. She will be happy just to plan the vacation and have it her own way.