Buying Diamond Engagement Rings for Women - Tips and Advice

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – goes the saying. And what better way to vow everlasting love for your girlfriend than slipping a dazzling diamond engagement ring on her slender finger.

There are several reasons why you should settle for a diamond when you want to buy an engagement ring for your beloved. That women love diamonds goes without saying, but diamonds are also ideal considering the importance of the occasion. An engagement ring seals the deal! it establishes your commitment towards your partner. You must select something rare as well as traditional. Moreover, it makes a good choice from an investment point of view since it is one of the few precious stones guaranteed to appreciate with time.

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Now that you have settled for a diamond ring to propose to your girlfriend with, comes the crucial part – buying the diamond ring. Buying a diamond ring is not that hard once you are aware of the basics. Some tips and advice to help you:

Pay attention to what she wears

Carefully notice the jewellery styles and designs your girlfriend wears. Most women have a definite preference when it comes to metal settings like gold, platinum or yellow gold. Again consider whether she wears jewellery in contemporary designs or those with a vintage look. A good guideline is to notice what kind of jewellery your partner wears in daily life and not just on special occasions. Remember, an engagement ring is something she will probably be wearing all the time and so she must like what she wears.

Choose a ring that will suit her lifestyle

Pick out a diamond engagement ring that will go with her lifestyle. For instance, if she is in a profession where fussy designs look out of place, maybe you can stick to classic solitaire diamonds set in a band.

Consider the shape of her fingers

A diamond engagement ring set in the right style will enhance the beauty of her fingers. For instance, an elongated diamond, like a marquise or an oval, can make short fingers look sleeker while long fingers can carry off bold, contemporary designs.

Get her size

This is the trickiest part if you want the engagement ring to be a surprise for your special woman. If she already wears a ring on her engagement finger, maybe you can get it off long enough to have it sized. Or else you can take the help of a close friend or a family member to provide you with a clue.

The four Cs

Before you go out to buy a diamond ring, know the four Cs – cut, clarity, colour and carat. These are the main factors which determine a diamond’s appearance and durability and hence its worth.


The value of a diamond increases with its clarity, which is the absence of blemishes, flaws and internal inclusions.


The cut of a diamond refers to its proportions such as its width, depth and the uniformity of its facets and is different from the shape of a diamond. In fact it is the cut which determines the brilliance of a diamond and the more perfect the cut, the higher its value. You can choose from round cut, princess cut, radiant cut, emerald cut, oval cut, pear cut, marquise cut, heart cut, asscher cut and cushio cut diamonds, amongst others.


Diamonds come in various colours. But if you are going for the white diamond, actually a colourless stone, then see that it has no yellowish or brownish tint.


This signifies the weight of the diamond, with one carat standing for  200 milligrams of  actual weight.
Even though each of the above four Cs are important in determining the worth of a diamond, keep in mind that there is no “perfect recipe” for the ideal stone.

For a comprehensive guide to diamond cut, colour, clarity and carat visit Wikipedia.

Choose the right shape

While selecting a diamond engagement ring for your partner, consider what shape she would prefer. While most women go for round diamonds, your woman may like to have something else. Oval, pear or heart-shaped diamonds are other attractive choices.

Select the setting

The right setting goes a long way in extending the durability of the stone as well as  enhancing the beauty of the ring. You can choose from prong, channel, bezel and pave, as well as the invisible settings. The prong setting is most popular in engagement rings, even though a large number of women also prefer the channel setting. The bezel setting is good for a secure hold, while the invisible setting gives a modern, seamless look.

Consider the metal

Diamond rings can be set in bands of white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Keep in mind your girlfriend’s choice before you make the final choice of the engagement ring.

Online stores

Buying a diamond engagement ring from an online store can be a great way of cutting down the hassles of going through various shops or negotiating with salespersons. However take care that the store is genuine and not likely to cheat you. Also explore options on eBay if you are on a budget, but go for a deal only when you are convinced of the seller’s credentials. Stick to GIA or AGS certified stones as you would do while buying from a brick and mortar store offline.

Consider other gemstones. If your partner is one of the rare women who do not flip over diamonds, may be you can choose her favourite gemstone to set in the engagement ring. Some women love the symbolism of red colour, so go ahead and browse through rubies, red tourmalines or red spinels. Other favourites are sapphires and emeralds in vibrant hues, while a pearl symbolizes all that is pure and ideal in love. You could also go select your partner’s birthstone to set in an engagement ring.

Finally look at your budget

Now that you are aware of the range of options and factors while choosing a diamond engagement ring, consider how much you can spend on it. If your pockets run deep, you can go for a solitaire diamond in a platinum setting or a diamond ring from a high end jewellery. But don’t stretch your budget, since there are several affordable options in diamond engagement rings. You could go for cluster diamonds or have a small diamond surrounded by other stones. Also, you could have the stone set in yellow or white gold instead of platinum.

Choosing and buying the perfect diamond engagement ring for your special someone need not cause you to lose your sanity. Follow the above guide and you are sure to get your money’s worth, not to mention dazzling the woman of your life with the mother of all sparklers.