10 Cities with a Large Lesbian Population

Certain cities attract large population of same-sex couples for a variety of reasons. They might have a long tradition of liberal activism leading to greater awareness and protection of sexual minorities. Or they might be home to numerous colleges and universities thus making for a progressive intellectual way of life which is tolerant of various minorities. Here are some cities in the United States which have attracted a large lesbian population over the years.

  1. Northampton

    Dubbed ‘Lesbianville’ by The National Enquirer as far back as 1992, Northampton in the state of Massachusetts has one of the largest lesbian populations among the major cities of the country. That the place is great to find girls is evident from statistics compiled by the 2000 US Census according to which there are only 71 males for every 100 females age 18 and over. A vibrant intellectual atmosphere as well as the fact that the state of Massachusetts is one of the few to legally allow lesbians to get married makes Northampton a desirable place for lesbians. While the entire city seems safe for lesbians to live, areas around the universities as well as places like the Crafts Avenue and Main Street attract most lesbian visitors.

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  2. Portland

    This city in Oregon is the west coast’s paradise for lesbians in America. What works in favor of Portland as a favorite lesbian destination is a strong tradition of personal liberty including free speech as well as the reputation as one of the country’s greenest cities which in turn means a high quality of life. In Portland the lesbian community is mainly concentrated in the southeastern as well as northeaster parts of the city and neighborhoods like Hawthorne Boulevard and Alberta are especially popular with the lesbian community.

  3. San Francisco

    The capital city of California has long been considered the Mecca for the LGBT community. Here gays and lesbians make up a whopping 15% of the overall city population which is the highest in the country. The favorite neighborhood for lesbians in San Francisco is Bernal Heights while most-visited hangouts for the community include Trax, Dolores Café, Wild West Side and the Lexington Club. Not to forget the historic City Hall where in 2004 lesbians and gays apparently lined up for weeks in order to get married.

  4. New York City

    The Maximum City must needs figure on any list of cities with a significant lesbian community on account of the sheer size of its LGBT population. According to the 2000 US Census, New York City has the largest LGBT population in United States amounting to a staggering 272,493 residents and constituting around 4.5% of the city’s total population. Boroughs like Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn are believed to attract large numbers of lesbians and gays even though West Village, Jackson Heights and Metropolitan Avenue feature some of the hippest lesbian hangouts.

  5. Seattle

    This city in the state of Washington has the second-highest percentages – 12.9% - of LGBT population among the major cities in the US, just after San Francisco. The primary area where the lovely ladies of Seattle can be seen cozying up to each other is of course the Capitol Hill District but the entire town features several bars, pubs and nightclubs exclusively for lesbians like Wildrose, the Lobby Bar and RE-bar.

  6. Las Vegas

    Las Vegas might not have one of the largest resident lesbian populations in the country but the ladies sure do like to party here! With world-class casinos, hotels, shopping malls and recreational centers, Las Vegas offers its lesbian vacationers a grand time which is why it hosts a significant lesbian population at any time of the year. Among the most favored lesbian spots in Las Vegas is the Border Grill run by the out celebrity chef Susan Feniger as well as the Booty Bar which comes alive every Saturday night with crazy music and dance.

  7. Salt Lake City

    This city bang in the middle of Mormon country might not seem to favor a lesbian community at first glance. But in fact, Salt Lake City has a significant lesbian population which together with gays and bisexuals make up around 7.6% of the city's population, or almost 14,000 people according to a 2007 study by UCLA. A strong tradition of political backing, savvy businesses as well as efficient organization has led to the city being a favored destination for lesbians as well as gays.

  8. Columbus

    Columbus in Ohio too has a large lesbian population that not many know about. Apart from a healthy 34952-strong LGBT community, Columbus offers its lesbian residents the same plus points as its heterosexual community – a high level of literacy, a vibrant mix of various ethnicities, a thriving cultural scene as well as a relatively low crime rate. Some of the best places for lesbians to live in Columbus are Short North, Gahanna and Arena District which houses the Wall Street, one of the most popular lesbian bars in the entire country.

  9. Atlanta

    This city in the heart of American South has long been known to welcome people of alternate sexual orientation. So along with gays, lesbians can be found in high numbers living at Inman Park, Little Five Points, Virginia Highlands, Morningside and Midtown. What makes Atlanta an attractive destination for lesbians from around the country are a thriving counter culture - evident from the fact that the city hosts the country’s largest gay parade and a hugely popular gay film festival – as well as a liberal political climate which was proved when voters from Virginia Highlands neighborhood chose an openly lesbian council member Anne Fauver last year.

  10. Pittsburgh

    The presence of several colleges and universities gives the capital city of Pennsylvania an atmosphere of intellectual as well as sexual freedom. This has led to a thriving lesbian population in Pittsburgh which is concentrated in areas like Squirrel Hill and Shadyside while most of the recreational hangouts lie on Liberty Avenue and Penn Avenue.