10 Habits of Men that Annoy Women

Ever wonder why your girlfriend or wife throws up her hands in exasperation at the end of the day and exclaims that you are impossible to live with. And all this after you have remembered to take out the dog too. If you are still clueless about what drives women nuts, here is a list of the top ten habits of men in general that women find truly annoying.

  1. Leaving the wet towel on the bathroom floor

    ..or crumbs in the bed, or dirty plate in the sink – the list could go on but you get my point. What bugs most women is when their partners add to the list of chores without doing anything to keep the house clean. This habit of men is a throwback from the time when they were the only breadwinners while their women would stay behind to keep house. Even though times have changed and women are also professionals, many men still expect their partners to clean up after them.
  2. Looking like something the cat dragged in

    It is agreed that you believe appearances should not come in the way of meaningful relationships. At the same time, which girl would like to be seen with a guy dressed in dirty tees and jeans while sporting a two-day stubble on his face? So if you don’t want to turn off your partner, be sure that sometimes at least you are well-groomed, don’t have body odor and are dressed reasonably well.
  3. Wires all around the house

    If you happen to invite your partner to your den, make sure she does not trip up on the wires sprawling like creepers all over the house. There are cell phone, laptop and camera chargers leaving great trails of wires which not only look like a prehistoric movie set, but actually pose a mortal threat to anybody walking in. And then you have drawers full of old cables which look like nests of vipers. Women often wonder why men can’t be bothered to make use of wire looms or adhesive-backed nylon mounting bases that cleverly hide long trails of electronic wires and cables.
  4. Falling back upon biology

    Just when your girlfriend/wife has made a valid point during an argument, you come up with something like, “you seem cranky, are you about to have your periods”. Women find it extremely annoying when their genuine concerns are put down to biological processes. This implies that not only their concerns are worthless, but that they are “her” problem and so very conveniently there is nothing you can do about them.

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  5. Checking out other women

    This has all the makings of a major turn off for women. If you are out on a date with a particular girl, it indicates that you have chosen to give her your attention and time. On the other hand, if your partner finds you perpetually distracted in her company or ogling at other girls in the pub or restaurant even while sitting with her, she will naturally sign you off as a waste of time.
  6. Making a left-handed compliment about her looks

    Common examples are “For your age you actually look good.” Or “I’d have never thought you could carry off wine-red”. While ostensibly praising a woman’s appearance, such remarks by men in fact lays bare the speaker’s pre-occupation with her age and more importantly reveals his underlying prejudice which links beauty and attractiveness with being only of a certain age. If you must appreciate a woman’s looks, leave out any mention of years while doing so.
  7. Bad-mouthing an ex

    OK, so you’re trying to make your current girl feel that she is the best thing that has happened to you. But heaping insults on your ex is hardly the right way about it. For one thing your partner is sure to feel that you still have not got over your ex thus burdening your present relationship with a lot of emotional baggage from the past. For another, she is likely to get wary of your personality since she sees before her a guy who finds it easier to blame others for what goes wrong in his life rather than taking any responsibility himself.
  8. Seeing cuddling as an invitation to sex

    In case you still don’t know, women are not always looking for sex when they want to cuddle up with you or walk hand-in-hand through the neighborhood park. These are gestures of affection that make a woman feel emotionally connected with her partner. And while these may be the building blocks of her desire for intimacy, if she wants you to give her a hug now, it doesn’t mean that you have to tear off her clothes as well.
  9. Leaving all the planning to her

    You and your wife/girlfriend have finally have managed to make time for a ‘date’ and just as she breathlessly gets inside the car, you ask, “OK, so what would you like to do?”When you ask a woman out, it is assumed by her that you have a plan. Asking her what she would like to do when you are already on your way can come as a big letdown, especially is she has secretly been expecting to be ‘surprised’ by a fun date idea or indulged with a romantic candle-light dinner. Even though you may expect her to be happy to be in charge of a date night, announcing it to her just as you are about to leave smacks of indecisiveness, lack of confidence or just plain boredom in a guy.
  10. Selective childcare

    Although men today are more of hands-on parents than their fathers ever were but this does not mean that you get to pick and choose the parenting chores that you are comfortable with. While men would willingly take the kids out to the park or zoo or teach them biking, all the washing, wiping and feeding seem to be conveniently left to the mothers. If you wish to partake of equal parenting, then maybe you can, now and then, take on some of icky jobs as well.