10 Habits of Women that Men find Annoying

There has so much written about what men should avoid doing to turn off women. However sometimes even your guy secretly wishes that you would stop behaving so unreasonably or, well, like the way you do. Here are the top ten female habits that almost all men find annoying, sometime or the other.

  1. Refusing to order any dessert

    And then polishing off his. At the end of dinner you may claim to be completely stuffed or on a strict diet. If that is the case, then how come you want to taste just a teensy-weensy bit of the treacle pudding that he has ordered? Men like women who are confident about their choices and once in a while they also like seeing their partners do something they really enjoy, like tucking into a sinfully rich chocolate cake.
  2. Leaving the bathroom drain clogged

    Just like you get pissed off when your boyfriend leaves the wet towel on the bed, similarly your partner is likely to get irritated by evidence of your own sloppiness. And you can make things worse by claiming that the hair blocking the shower plughole is not necessarily yours. So the next time you shampoo at his place, make sure you leave the bathroom clean as well.
  3. Asking his opinion on how you look

    This is undoubtedly one of those issues that every guy dreads wading into, since he knows that you will balk at his reply, no matter what he says. If his reply is no, you may accuse him of being insincere and if he says yes, he could be crucified for being insensitive. So stop putting your guy through such a catch-22 situation or the next time he will find it easier to leave rather than answer questions about your waistline.
  4. Gossiping about your friends… or their partners

    Most men dislike being made party to confidences which imply unsavory secrets about mutual friends or which make them uncomfortable. So before you pass on secrets about your pals to your boyfriend, remember he doesn't want to hear information that could get him into trouble. And even if he does want to hear it, you really shouldn’t be betraying confidences. This is because if he does spill the beans, your friend is going to be mad at you, not him.
  5. Asking repeatedly why he didn’t call last night

    It is no use grilling your guy about why he didn’t call or reply to your voicemail. The simplest explanation for this is that he didn’t want to. Actually the reason why women persist in such questioning is to know why their boyfriends don’t wish to call them. There could be a thousand reasons for this, from being busy to being out with the boys or even not being particularly interested in you. Instead of nagging about your guy why he didn’t call, it is better to keep yourself busy. He will call, if and when he is interested.

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  6. Giving up in the middle of a game

    It could be chess or scrabble or tennis or croquet or absolutely anything —  the moment you go slightly behind and no longer look like winning, you feel like throwing it all up and going away to watch Oprah. And all this when you don’t think twice about telling your boyfriend after his favorite team has lost the football match that “It's just a game”.
  7. Likening him to your ex

    You could be doing it appreciate the point of resemblance – like both of them being avid fans of jazz - or to express your exasperation at how all men behave like jerks, but the fact is no man ever wants to be likened to his girlfriend’s ex-partner. Apart from the obvious inference that you are always comparing the two of them, it also implies that you are yet to get over your former flame and have not really moved on. So, either way, a comment like this won’t do much for his self-esteem and is sure to be extremely annoying to him.
  8. Refusing to make an suggestion when asked for one

    And then expressing your disapproval at whatever has been decided upon. If your boyfriend asks what you would like to eat on your date – Mexican, Chinese, Italian or Indian – be upfront about your choice. Don’t get into tortured evaluations of what will cost how much, which place is farther from your home and what will or not please his palate. Simply choose from the alternatives on offer and if possible, suggest where you want to go. What really gets a man’s goat is when his girlfriend would demur saying, “I don't mind, whatever you feel like." And when he books a Japanese restaurant, she would say, "You know perfectly well that I hate sushi."
  9. Discussing your bodily functions

    Even though men today are more open to discussing ‘women’s problems’ with their partners as compared to even a generation back, it can get a little overwhelming for your partner when you go on and on about your PMS and periods. Announcing your body functions may elicit a weak smile from him and even maybe a sympathetic pat on the shoulder but really no guy wants to hear icky details which might spoil the pretty, feminine image he has of his beloved.
  10. Sulking but also denying that anything’s wrong

    Undoubtedly one of the worst female habits is to expect a guy to be a mind-reader. This is especially irritating to a guy when you are clearly upset about something and yet when he asks about it, you keep saying “I said I’m fine”. It is just not in the nature of men to keep persuading you to open up. If you keep denying anything is wrong, they will simply take you at your word and move on.