How to make a long distance relationship work - Keeping the spark alive

Making a relationship work requires sincerity, commitment and conviction, in equal measures, by both the partners, to achieve the desired success in a relationship. However in long distance relationships, an overdose of commitment and love is all it takes to keep it steady and strong. Keeping the spark alive can become an uphill task if your partner is miles away from you. For any relationship to work, communication is a necessary and most vital tool.

In today's age, unlike the bygone days where communication was limited to writing letters, we have a whole array of communication tools to choose from, which are not only quick but cost-effective too! So make the most of your electronic gadgets.

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Sending messages or exchanging jokes through your cell phones is a fun and easy way to cheer up your partner. E-mails and chatting online is another popular method used worldwide to keep a long distance relationship going. If these methods deprive you of seeing your sweetheart's face, then install a webcam on your computer/laptop and enjoy the pleasure of seeing your partner's face on your computer screen.

If these technological advancements don't work, an impulsive decision to visit your partner can keep the spark alive in a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships can become extremely difficult to sustain if the separation time stretches beyond a year or two. So make it a point to visit each other as often as possible. Chalk out a plan, decide who will visit whom, and then keep that promise.

Long distance relationships can tap the creative streak in some couples. Sheryl, a young doctor was posted to a small town near Birmingham. Being married to Mick after a courtship of three long years was a dream come true. As a software engineer, Mick could not obviously shift base from Birmingham to the town where Sheryl was posted. Their first marriage anniversary was just round the corner and due to prior job commitments, Sheryl was unable to be with Mick on their anniversary day. The creative streak in this doctor's brain hatched a plan to make their anniversary a memorable one.

She called up a florist and ordered for red roses to be delivered to Mick and a parcel of his favorite pizza was delivered to his workplace on her behest. The red roses made his day. Such thoughtful ways of expressing one's love towards your partner, irrespective of the distance, can definitely maintain the romance across the miles.

Let not the distance dampen the spirit of romance in you. Be adventurous and imaginative; take impulsive decisions of surprising your partner in one way or the other. Frequent visits to see each other also keep the spark alive and may rekindle the romance between you. It's like you were never separated.