Preventing phone arguments in long-distance relationships

An open and honest conversation between a boy and a girl can turn even a platonic relationship into a serious one. It is agreed that effective communication is the founding stone of any successful relationship. A sheer lack of communication or dishonesty between partners can lead to unnecessary arguments or fights.

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A one-to-one communication is obviously not possible with couples involved in a long-distance relationship. Phone calls are the most sought-after communication tool. The joy of listening to each other's voice can be quite exhilarating and reassuring.

Exchanging sweet nothings over the phone or just describing your day's activities to your partner are tiny hints to let him or her know that they have a special place in your heart.

Being in a long-distance relationship is unfortunately expensive what with innumerable phone calls, postal charges and plane tickets. Conversation on the phone can often turn into arguments when the topic steers towards managing one's finance. To avoid such squabbles over money matters, decide on a financial plan.

If your partner pays for your phone bill, then volunteer to sponsor his plane ticket or vice versa. The most common reason why people argue on the phone in a long-distance relationship, is the fact that a partner may not receive a phone call from his/her sweetheart as promised. If you say you are going to call in a day or two but call after a week, it could give out the signal that you are not very interested or committed to this relationship.

Typically, conversations over the phone end with either one of the partners promising to call on a certain day or date. If you have made such a promise, make sure to make that phone call on the said date. This simple gesture may prevent an argument over the phone.

Make sure that your conversation is not centered on your life, your work or future plans. This may indicate that you are not interested in your partner's welfare or activities. If most of your conversation revolves around 'I, me and myself', your partner may feel unwanted and bitter towards you, which may culminate into an argument.

Be sensitive towards each other's feelings. In a long-distance relationship, where there is a constant craving to see your partner's face, it becomes necessary to devote all your attention to your partner in terms of listening to what he/she has to say.

Share your worries and insecurities but avoid arguments over the phone. In case you argue, make sure that you resolve the argument, thereby ending the conversation in an amicable manner. Abruptly hanging up the phone while in the midst of an argument, may further aggravate a problem and can develop into misunderstanding or jealousy.

There is nothing more important than planning to meet each other again at an interval of time throughout the period of your long-distance relationship. This will help both you and your partner to catch up with each other over the things that you cannot do while apart. Talking or planning about your next rendezvous over the phone will give you the excitement, hope, as well as eliminate the lonely feeling in your long-distance relationship.