Celebrating Birthdays in a Long Distance Relationship - Birthday of a Partner Living in Another City or Country

Celebrating important occasions together is an important part of a relationship. This helps partners to bond deeply with each other and creates a treasure trove of happy memories which one can dip into later – either to gain strength from the past or to revive a flagging relationship.

Partners in long distance relationships, however, miss out on each other’s physical company on several important occasions in their lives. This is particularly hard when there is an occasion to celebrate, like a birthday, an anniversary or a Valentine’s Day. At the same time, it need not mean that long distance partners have to mope about the whole day, missing their significant other. Here are a few ways you can enjoy your or your partner’s birthday even when separated by distance.

Make use of technology

Today the mind-boggling advances in communication technology make it that much easier for long distance couples to be in touch. So if it is your partner’s birthday, don’t stop at wishing him or her on the phone. Send an e-card or post a romantic message on your social networking site. Better still, use a web cam and a phone service like Skype, to wish your partner “Happy Birthday” on camera and that too, in real time.

Send a traditional gift

If it is your partner’s birthday and he or she is away, send something special to their workplace. Chocolates, flowers and cakes are the traditional favourites and your partner will love showing off the present to co-workers and friends. There are a number of online stores which specialize in delivering gifts in different cities, but if you cannot find one that covers your partner’s town, contact the local stores and they will surely find a way of reaching your gift to your beloved.

Make a keepsake

Whether it is your birthday or your partner’s, a good way to celebrate it when away from each other, is to make a memory booklet and put in your thoughts throughout the day. Don’t forget to mention what you did to mark the occasion – like cut a cake with friends or have a big family dinner. You could also add small mementos of the occasion, like an especially lovely card or a piece of the decoration from your birthday cake. Afterwards you can mail the keepsake to your loved one along with some of his or her favourite things.

Put up an advertisement

A wonderful way of reaching out to your partner on his or her birthday is to publish a romantic message in the personal column of whatever newspaper your partner subscribes to. Make the birthday message extra special by including a photo of you together or quoting a few lines from your partner’s favourite love poem or love song. Your beloved will not only be ecstatic at receiving your birthday message but also feel secretly flattered at your public avowal of love.

Get daring

If it is your partner’s birthday and you wish to remind him or her of how much you are missing being together, then send something naughty as a birthday present. Lacy lingerie will set your wife's or girlfriend’s heart racing, while a photo showing you both having a torrid time is sure to remind your boyfriend or husband of how good it feels to be together. Your partner will not only be hugely pleased at the evidence of your passion but who knows may even hop on the next flight to your city.

Record your own actions

If it is your birthday and your long distance partner has sent you a present, record yourself unwrapping the gift on the handycam and send the tape to your partner. Better still, do it in real time on a web camera when your partner is logged on. This will help you both to share an experience of celebration and is bound to make you feel connected.

Send a party

So what if you cannot be with your partner at his or her birthday party? Do the next best thing and send him or her a party. Buy streamers, party hats, kazoos and a candy-filled piñata and pack them all in a box. Then send it to your partner and he or she is bound to be pleasantly surprised at receiving your truly wacky present. Not to mention your partner’s pals, who are sure to envy him or her for having such an understanding and fun-loving lover.

Don’t forget the flowers

Order flowers from online shops or those which have branches in different cities. Make the birthday bouquet special by choosing your partner’s favourite blooms or something that reminds him/her of your love – like the flowers on the table where you went for your first date. Have the flowers accompanied with a loving birthday message from you and your partner is sure to breathe in the fragrance of your love.

Celebrate by doing something at the same time. Whether it is your birthday or your partner’s, decide to do something at the same time to celebrate the occasion. For instance, after the party is over and the guests have left, put on a CD of your favourite romantic song and have your partner do likewise at his/her end. Play the music at the same time and call each other on the phone to whisper sweet nothings or just to hear each other breathe. Even though you are far apart, the experience of doing something to celebrate at the same time will help you to feel close to each other.

It goes without saying that important occasions like birthdays are a challenge to long distance relationships. Don’t make it more difficult for either of you by brooding over the times when you were with each other. Neither should you pick this day to compare your position with lovers who can celebrate birthdays and anniversaries together. Be positive and cherish what you share with your partner. Joyfully remember the good times you have had and look forward to the day when you can be together again.