How to Make your Boyfriend Miss you - Have him Thinking of you!

In today’s world of disposable relationships, being out of sight of your partner can get you ‘out of mind’ pretty soon. On the other hand, being apart for some time can help your relationship grow stronger as well. So if you find that you have to be away from your boyfriend for some time, here are a few ways to make him miss you and raring to get back into your arms.

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Do something special

In the days leading to your parting, do something special with yourself. Buy a set of sexy lingerie or wear an outfit your boyfriend particularly likes. Don’t get all morose and weepy just because you are going to be away from each other. On the contrary get a new hairstyle or treat yourself to a day at the spa so that you look and feel special. This will get your boyfriend intrigued about your new look just before parting and leave him wanting more.

Be affectionate

When you part from your lover, make sure it is a sweet and affectionate farewell. Don’t make him feel guilty for leaving you or turn your own departure as a way of getting back at him for something that he may have done in the past. Tell your boyfriend that you will miss him greatly and will look forward to the time when you can be together again. This will leave a sweet feeling in his mouth, as it were and make him eager to get back with you as soon as possible.

Leave a piece of yourself with him

Before you part, make sure you leave your boyfriend with something small but significant to remind him of you. Every woman has a signature scent that evokes desires in her man. Leave a bit of this fragrance on his pillow, towel or shirt. You could also “forget” your earrings or hair clip in a place where he is sure to find it. Alternately keep some reminders of the wonderful times you have had with each other. Make little notes saying “remember the time…” and hide them in unexpected places. Or leave some photos in his notebook which bring back memories of all the exciting and romantic moments you have spent with each other. However be careful not to keep anything annoying or dangerous lying around in his apartment. Also see that you don’t spoil his office wear with your perfume or mess with important data in his notebook.

Using jealousy

Be wary of using jealousy as a way of making him miss you. When you are apart, let your boyfriend know that you are having a good time but as far as possible, refrain from hinting that other guys have been trying to get your attention. Far from making him jealous and rush back to you, this may lead him to feel insecure and believe that your relationship is not worth waiting for. On the contrary reassuring him of your love and commitment will inspire a stronger sense of mutual trust and give him all the more reason to return to you with express haste.

Don’t go berserk calling him

At the same time don’t go overboard with your phone calls and text messages. Let the time spent away from each other be a way of enriching other aspects of your personality and social life. Call him by all means but not as much as he may expect you to. Wait until later in the day to call so that he is excited to hear your voice. On the other hand, if he calls you while you are doing something – even as simple as watching a TV show or chatting with a friend – let the phone go to voicemail and call him back at your leisure. Think of all the times when you probably called him and had to wait for hours before getting to hear from him. You are not an emergency worker and as long as you both don’t have plans, feel free to wait for few hours before getting back to him.

Write him a letter

While cell phones and emails are excellent ways of being in touch all the time, there is nothing quite like a hand-written letter to stir up feelings of romantic desire. Use the old-fashioned way of expressing your feelings by writing a letter to your boyfriend. Quote lines from his favorite love poetry and sign off with a lipstick kiss. To make the epistle even more sensual, include a photo in your alluring best and splash some of your favorite eau de cologne on its pages. And then see if your boyfriend doesn’t take the next flight back to you!

Have fun on your own

If you both have been in a relationship for some time, you may find that your boyfriend has started to take you for granted. One of the best ways to break out of this deadwood routine is to have a good time without him. Leave for a weekend trip with a girlfriend and when away, be sure he knows you are having a lot of fun. Alternately, go dancing, shopping, catch the new movie or wander around the museum even when you are by yourself. When you do this for a few times, your boyfriend is sure to miss your company and may even take the initiative of doing something exciting together.

Plan something special

Let your boyfriend know that you are planning something wonderful for the time when you can be together again. This will make him miss you all the more and eager to be with you soon. It could be as romantic as having a picnic on the beach on a moonlit night or as fun as spending a day at the amusement park. Don’t divulge the details of the celebration though or the element of suspense will be dimmed and with it his desire to meet you.

The key to make your boyfriend miss you lies in reminding him of how much fun and exciting it is to be with you. So put the time spent away from each other to good use and make him miss you more than ever.