Ambitious Men

While it may be easier gaining entry into some venues like banks and libraries, others like highly specialized scientific laboratories or corporate boardrooms may be accessible to professionals only. In such circumstances your best bet of making the acquaintance of a future hot-shot lies in becoming part of the workplace. So look for a company or firm which is reeling in profits every year and then try to find out who you would like to know among the movers and shakers there. It doesn’t matter if you don’t boast of a college degree or have a mile-long resume - even a summer internship or a part-time shift will do since this will bring you in touch with the men with an eye to the top of your company or workplace. What’s more the male go-getters of the world are known to be excited by the prospect of competition or at least pitting wits against an attractive co-worker. Ambitious men are the alpha-males of the modern world and thus no wonder that they are thrilled by idea of challenge and chase.

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