Aries - Aquarius Love Compatibility


Aries and Aquarius are respectively the first and eleventh signs of the zodiac calendar. And despite having different influences, the two signs share a number of personality traits. Aries is a fire sign and thus tends to be energetic, supremely confident and capable of shooting brilliant ideas. Aquarius is an air sign but possesses much of the same agile mental faculties and ability to conceive far-reaching ideas. Most of all they share a fierce love of independence; while the Aries cannot tolerate anyone ordering him/her around, the Aquarian is the original rebel of the zodiac system, doing what they wish to do and believing in their own systems of values. Both are also ruled by different planets; in case of Aries it is the fiery red planet Mars which imbues the sign with a love of action and motion. Interestingly enough, Aquarius is ruled by two planets – Uranus and Saturn – which often lend them a curious duality so that this sign can be affable and distant or freedom-loving and obstinate by turns.

What creates a strong romantic bond between the Aries and Aquarius is the love of freedom that they share. They not only like living by their own rules and having enough breathing space about them but are willing to accord the same degree of freedom to their partners. Not for them the cloying emotional intimacy demanded by a Cancer partner or the jealous possessiveness of a Scorpio spouse. Both Aries and Aquarius delight in leading independent lives and coming together every now and then to indulge in their romantic fancies.

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The only area which may pose potential problems in the love match between an Aries and Aquarius is the lack of practicality in the relationship. Unlike the Taurus or the Capricorn who may have ensured that the partnership was based on the firm foundations of material success, here neither of the signs can be bothered about material and financial security. Also the lack of a sense of responsibility in either sign might make its survival in the long run a challenge. However what will prevent the couple from drifting apart is the intellectual companionship they share; Aries and Aquarius are soul mates in intellect and spirit and it is this mutual recognition that will keep the bond forever new and inspired.

Aries Man and Aquarius Woman

The match between an Aries man and Aquarius woman seems to be made in the heavens; he will find in her unique individuality an echo of his own free-spirited personality. Both the signs tend to go against traditions and find it difficult to adhere to rules and conventions. Personal freedom and personal creativity define their true self. The best thing about this love match is that both the partners respect other's uniqueness and individuality.

At the same time the Aquarius woman will be impressed by the intense drive and enthusiasm of her Aries partner. Here is a man who like her can visualize brilliant plans and fire up scintillating ideas but unlike her also possesses the capacity to seize the initiative in putting those plans into action. The only hitch in their relationship seems to be presented by the overarching ego of the Aries male. On the occasions when they two cannot agree on an issue, the Aries guy will be wont to give way to his quick temper. However here too, the emotional distance maintained by the airy female Aquarius will naturally take the fizz out of male Aries aggression and she will simply keep away till her boyfriend cools off and everything is as hunky-dory as before. All in all, the Aries man and Aquarius woman will share a high degree of romantic compatibility, provided they can learn to adapt to each other’s rather fixed points of views.

Aries Woman and Aquarius Man

The vivacious and high-spirited personality of an Aries woman is not just about shopping for new things to wear or checking out the new nightclubs in town. In fact her infectious enthusiasm is driven by a keen mind which shoots up brilliant ideas and is forever in search of new challenges. All these make the perfect partner for an Aquarius man who is himself given to conjuring up far-reaching ideas and remaining up to date with the most advanced systems of thought and knowledge. thus while the Aquarius male is exceedingly social and usually has a large circle of friends and acquaintances, he is actually in search for a companion with whom he can roam the wide open spaces of human thought and look far ahead into the future.
In fact the Aries penchant for seizing initiative in order to turn ideas into reality is the perfect complement to the Aquarius’ tendency towards rather abstract ideas.

The sex lives of an Aries and Aquarius match too holds a lot of promise. Initially however The passionate Aries woman may find the airy detachment of an Aquarius partner rather off-putting. It is not in the nature of an Aquarius lover to burn with the white heat of passion unlike say a Scorpio or indulge in sensual pleasures like a Taurus male. An Aquarius would rather seek inspiration for his love life in the intellectual exchanges and erotically imaginative scenarios. But once she realizes the secret to seducing her Aquairus lover lies through the mind, she may be well on her way to have a great time. in fact for the adventurous Aries woman who likes to try out new things herself, an Aquarius lover might be just what the doctor ordered.
Unlike a Virgo or Capricorn, she can push beyond the familiar boundaries of erotica with her Aquarius lover for whom practically anything goes.

The Aries-Aquarius love compatibility thus scores high on adventure and intellectual companionship. Since both the individuals are extremely energetic and vivacious, their relationship will hardly ever become boring and always remaining interesting to each other.