Aries - Capricorn Love Compatibility

Occupying the first and tenth positions in the zodiac calendar, Aries and Capricorn are symbolized by the Ram and Goat respectively. Both have cardinal qualities – that is the ability to take the initiative and  lead others. However this is where perhaps all similarities end. For the Aries is ruled by the element fire which lends it a sizzling energy, a zealous enthusiasm and high spirits, capable of sweeping everybody else around. The ruling element of Capricorn on the other hand is earth which grounds this sign to the material and the logical – not for them the soaring brilliance of the Aries mind or the flights of imagination that transports a Piscean. Then again the Ram is ruled by the planet Mars - the god of war in Roman mythology – which makes sure that the sign is perpetually on the move and thrives in the midst of action. The Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which lends it a serious, closeted personality but forever ready to take on responsibility and fulfill them.

As far as love compatibility between an Aries and Capricorn is concerned, the biggest obstacles appear to stem from the way they handle commitments. The Aries will eagerly get involved in an affair but then when the novelty has worn off, seek to occupy their agile minds elsewhere. A Capricorn on the other hand enter into a commitment only after careful thought and preparation but then can be depended on fulfilling their responsibilities till the very end. Also their very personalities seem to be made of radically different materials – while an Aries is outgoing, enthusiastic but unable to handle authority well, a Capricorn is introverted, consistent and does not mind taking orders from a successful superior.

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However the two signs share a deeply-ingrained respect for hard work and success. Thus if the Aries and Capricorn partners are able to look beyond personality differences and come to work together on their relationship, they are sure to make an excellent team. on one hand their romance will benefit from the Aries’ inspired enthusiasm and capacity for having fun and on the other it will be firmly anchored in the Capricorn’s sense of responsibility and partake of the pleasures of material success.

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman

At their first meeting, the Aries man and Capricorn woman are most likely to be attracted to each other because of radically diverging traits. While the male Ram would be intrigued by the somber but quietly determined personality of the female Goat, the latter would in turn be drawn to the vivacious, energetic and highly social personality of the former. Both would recognize in each other a healthy respect for achieving goals and reaching for the top even which would draw them even closer on the basis of shared objectives. However once the thrill of the chase and the sweet taste of the success is over, ingrained personality differences might threaten to push them apart. An Aries guy needs to be out there, where the lights are shining bright and a good deal is going on. His Capricorn partner on the other hand would rather stay home and prepare for the next day’s projects or put in an extra bit of work to make the boss happy. And even when the Capricorn agrees to socialize, it is mostly to impress a prospective client or a superior. An Aries simply cannot understand all this buttering up, he would much rather let his ideas speak for themselves and leave all the public relations to others.

Also the male Ram who has till now probably got his way by the simple force of his personality and butting out any opposition to his views, might find that he has finally met his match in a female Goat. A Capricorn woman will not rave and rant but once she has made up her mind about something, nothing will make her budge out of it.

The good news is that both signs have a lot to learn from each other. once the Aries man imbibes a little of the sense of responsibility from his Capricorn partner and she agree to allow a little more fun into their relationship, their love compatibility is sure to zoom higher.

Aries Woman and Capricorn Man

After the initial attraction between opposites subsides, the stark personality differences in this pairing may pose some pretty serious challenges. It is not in the nature of an Aries to kow-tow to authority; she likes to live her life as she pleases and is fiercely protective of her independence. A Capricorn male on the other hand holds few things in higher regard than social conventions and traditions. So if an Aries woman decides to turn up in an outfit and makeup that pleases her, it may not go down well with her Capricorn boyfriend who believes that there is a time and place for everything. Then again if the two signs are thinking of sharing a household, finances could be a potential minefield in the relationship. A Capricorn is nothing if not frugal; he is careful about money not only because his conservative nature dislike ostentatious spending but also because he believes in careful preparation for the future. His Aries partner on the other hand is often impulsive and likes to buy things on the spur of the moment. Then again the Aries tendency to jump into the fray may be pulled back by the cautious and reserved nature of the Capricorn partner, making it difficult for the two to enjoy a mutually enjoyable social life.

Curiously enough all these personality differences might not prevent Aries and Capricorn from having a satisfying sexual life. The earthy Capricorn is actually rooted in his body and senses and thus makes for a passionate lover. And this might be just the thing to match the sexual vivacity and romantic ardor of an Aries woman. Finally the secret to a long term romantic compatibility between the two signs lies in their ability to identify mutual goals and work towards fulfilling them. Both are highly motivated and confident personalities and once they learn the values of tolerance and adjustment, there is practically nothing that this pair cannot achieve as a team.