Aries - Leo Love Compatibility

Aries and Leo are the first and fifth signs of the zodiac calendar respectively. The two signs share much in common, ruled as they are by the same element, fire. This makes both Leo and Aries outgoing and dynamic but also egoistical and rather self-centered. However important differences between the two signs are brought forth by different ruling planets – the Mars in case of Aries which makes them action-oriented and desirous to jump into the fray as well as the Sun in case of Leo which lends them a charisma and innate power that attracts others to them. Again the enterprising nature of an Aries is due to the Cardinal quality of the zodiac while the Leo is a fixed sign meaning that despite their dynamism and sociability, they seek stability through respect and loyalty.

The Aries-Leo pair scores high on love compatibility chiefly because of many core characteristics they share. Both are open to life and take up challenges with a zeal that would send a Cancerian or a Virgo into a tizzy. Sharing the same likes and dislikes, both Aries and Leo are likely to have oodles of fun, romance and excitement in a relationship. Yet another reason why the Ram and the Lion make a great romantic pair is because each puts a high premium on personal freedom and is willing to accord the same to the other. Both Aries and Leo dislike being subordinated and are more comfortable in relationship where they know they will not have to compromise on their independence.

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Among the many personality traits that an Aries and Leo share is also a concern with ego. Both have massive egos and this is perhaps the only danger zone in a relationship between the two signs. While it is incomprehensible to an Aries that there could be anything of concern other than his/her own self, a Leo believes that his/her place in a spotlight is a birthright and the world revolves them in the same manner as the planets revolve around their ruling planet. However if the two halves of this zodiac pair are able to find a middle ground and see a little from the other’s point of view, then the partnership is sure to be one of the most vivacious and fulfilling that is possible.

Aries Man and Leo Woman

An Aries man who has a Leo girlfriend will never tire of telling others how she dazzled him with her beauty, vivacity and magnetism on their very first meeting. A Leo woman who is fully aware of her personal attributes is the kind who will turn heads as soon as she walks into a room. This suits the outgoing Aries male personality only too well since he is always game for a challenge which in this case is getting the female Leo to say yes to a date. The Aries man will lead her into a whirlwind courtship which would include music, dance, drama, action and a whole lot of fun – just like how a Leo wants her love life to be. Also sex between the two is likely to be a conflagration of passion and ardor, a one of a kind experience not known by many.

However when courting a Leo woman, an Aries man needs to learn to keep his spirited nature in check. One dance too many with other women and hobnobbing too much with female co-workers and he will meet the full wrath of a Leo girlfriend who has been roused to jealousy. Also he must be careful never to play with her emotions. While a Leo is usually happy to give her partner ample breathing space, being unfaithful is one of the worst crimes you can commit when in relationship with a female Lion who will neither forgive nor forget the disloyalty in a hurry.

Aries Woman and Leo Man

As an Aries woman, you are probably used to male admirers falling for your sparkling charm but how come you cannot take your eyes off this amazing guy who seems to have held you in thrall with his magnetic personality and natural confidence. If you only knew that this is a Leo who makes the world pay court to his vivacity as easily as other creatures accept the Lion as the ruler of the jungle. Apart from his innate charm, an Aries woman is also likely to be impressed by his expansive nature which enfolds friends, admirers and family all together in his large heart. Above all she is sure to be floored by the luxurious gifts her Leo boyfriend is likely to shower her with since when it comes to the Lion, he must have the best that money can buy.

What an Aries woman needs to watch out for in her relationship with a Leo man is stepping on his lion-size ego. Easier said than done, since it is quite impossible for an Aries to accept that there are others things in the world more important than her own ideas, plans and wishes. Likewise a Leo male who is used to believing that the world revolves around him can find it difficult to love a woman who will not take no for an answer and will often lash out with a fiery temper. Also an Aries woman must learn to tone down her impulsive and rash behavior when with her Leo partner since nothing is likely to infuriate the Lion as much as the sight of an open rebellion by his partner. For Leos, public image and reputation is extremely important and a partner who can keep this mind will forever win his love and fidelity apart from a large luxurious home.

This is a relationship where sparks and tempers are likely to fly. However the fact that both Aries and Leo relationship understand each other’s need for space and yet believe in living life to the fullest means that the two signs share a high degree of romantic compatibility.