Aries - Scorpio Love Compatibility

Aries occupies the first place in the zodiac calendar and the Scorpio comes at the eighth. Ruled by opposing elements, the two signs at first glance seem to be completely opposed to each other. The Aries is the child of fire and thus imbued with a sizzling energy, outgoing spirits as well as a flaming temper. A Scorpio on the other hand is ruled by the element water which seems well placed to put out fire with its inward nature, calculating mind and an unflappable self-assurance. The differences in both signs also owe to individual qualities – the Aries is a cardinal sign always raring to go while the Scorpio is a fixed sign, a creature of the still, mysterious depths. They are also ruled by different planets; Aries is ruled by Mars, also the god of war in western classical mythology which is why the sign is attracted to where there is action and motion – lots of it. Pluto on the other hand is the ruling planet of Scorpio and considered to be the god of wealth and the underworld in the same mythological system. Thus the planet influences Scorpio in their search for power and seeks to transform their deepest desires into reality.

The above personality traits make it evident that a pairing between an Aries and Scorpio might be complicated but not impossible. The biggest challenge to their mutual compatibility lies in their divergent emotional needs. An Aries typical of their ruling element might burn with romantic ardor at times but at intervals they will give only a faint glow of their attachment. They are not the ones to seek perpetual intimacy with their partners and in fact like to range free every now and then. But not so with Scorpios – they need to have an intense bond with their lovers and feel completely secure in a relationship.
However where the two signs can come closer is in their shared knowledge of common goals and priorities. Both are extremely hard-working and ambitious which is why once they can identify and agree upon an area in their relationship which needs work, they can be depended to act as a team and achieve desired results.

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Aries Man and Scorpio Woman

Both will be immediately drawn to each other by the unrelenting force of sexual chemistry. The intense nature of a Scorpio is well known in the zodiac system which is why they love and heat with equal ardor. And when this intensity meets the passion of an Aries, the flames can only rise higher and lovemaking get hotter. However no experience can remain on this white-heat level of intensity forever. And when things calm down, the male Aries might feel suffocated by the overwhelming nature of his girlfriend’s passion. This is because to a Scorpio love is an all or nothing affair – she cannot love by half-measures and when she has set her heart upon this man, she will bring the full force of her passion into the experience. And God forbid if she catches her partner paying court to other ladies – the Scorpio is as known for its capacity to jealousy as for the intensity of its personality. And though she may not thrown tantrums or create a scene, sooner or later her Aries boyfriend is sure to feel the full force of her wrath. Thus it never pays to toy with a Scorpio’s feelings or treat them lightly.

Another potential problem for the male Aries and female Scorpio lies in differing motivations. The Ram is an outgoing personality – he likes to go where the action is, fire up everybody with his brilliant ideas and take charge of whatever is going on. The female Scorpio while not exactly a loner will watch things from a distance, examine the secret drives of all who are present and then find out ways to get about what she wants. While both motivations do not clash as much as in case of Aries and Cancer, the Ram and Scorpio might find themselves looking for different things in the same situation. Only when they can tune their methods and motivations to a common goal – here the success of their relationship – can they become compatible in the romantic sense.

Aries Woman and Scorpio Man

The secretive depths and mystery of the Scorpio personality is sure to catch the attention of an Aries woman who in turn is likely to charm the male Scorpio with her infectious enthusiasm and aggressive energy. Both will recognize in each other a reflection of their own self-confidence and intensity. Sex is again likely to be a volatile affair with lots of passion and highly charged emotions. Soon however both may find their overarching ego as the primary site of their disputes; a Scorpio man is perfectly unflappable in his self-knowledge and self-assurance while the possibility that someone else’s opinions and ideas may be worth considering has never occurred to the Aries woman. As such it will be difficult for each to see things from the other’s point of view which is what makes up the bedrock of a relationship. Things might get even worse when both of them get angry and fight. The female Aries will find it easier to give unhindered expression of her anger and then forget about whatever happened and move on. On the other hand, for a Scorpio it is not easy to forgive and forget. He will remembers the harsh words his girlfriend uttered while fighting, even though she may have never meant the same and already forgotten about it. At its worst, the Scorpio will channel his hurt into feelings and plans of revenge and strike back much like the poisonous creature whose symbol he bears.

On the plus side however, the Aries and a Scorpio make an excellent team. The Scorpio with his intuitive knowledge will recognize the drive and brilliance of the Aries personality and support her with complete loyalty. At the same time the Aries woman can lighten the intense brooding of her boyfriend with her effervescent charm and high-spirited capacity for fun and games. Both arrive into the universe armed with their unique strengths and capabilities but at the same time both can lend each other substance and direction for the full realization of those attributes. This is what is required in an Aries-Scorpio match if their initial passionate attraction is to flower into something more permanent and fulfilling.