Cancer - Capricorn Love Compatibility

Placed at fourth and tenth places in the zodiac calendar, Cancer and Capricorn are furthest from each other both in terms of location as well as personalities. This is why love compatibility between the two signs can pose significant challenges. And yet, opposites have long been known to attract each other which is why once the partners make up their minds, they can have as fair a chance as anybody of making their relationship work.

The basic difference between the two signs lies in the fact that while the Cancer is led by the heart, the Capricorn lets his head do all the leading. The conflict between emotions and reason is an old one and it is most interestingly played out in the dynamics of the Cancer-Capricorn pair. This essential conflict probably owes to the influence of different ruling elements for each of the signs. The Cancer is a water sign and thus not only deeply affected by emotional compulsions but even capable of reading another persons’ moods and feelings. The Capricorn on the other hand is ruled by earth which makes it a sign more grounded in common sense and motivated by material concerns rather than emotional ones. Thus while the Cancer might appear to be too emotional and sentimental to the Capricorn, the latter might appear unfeeling and too stern to the former.

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However what presents the two signs with an equal chance of romantic success is their shared quality. Both Cancer and Capricorn are cardinal signs which means that they are instigators of action. As far as their relationship is concerned, cardinal signs stand better poised to take the initiative of making things work between them as opposed to say a fixed sign like Taurus which resists all form or change and is content with the way things are. So when facing divisive issues in their relationship, Cancer and Capricorn are both capable of taking the lead in thrashing things out, provided of course that they want their partnership to succeed.

Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman

The Cancer man and Capricorn woman will be drawn to each other by the magnetic force of opposing personalities. The male Crab will be impressed by the steely determination of the female Goat and her stolid practicality which makes sense and solves the most complicated issues in the world with apparent ease. The Capricorn woman on the other hand will luxuriate in the warm and caring attentions of the Cancer man, someone who will write her a love poem and rustle up her favorite dinner with equal ease. Having spent the early part of their adult lives striving for professional success, Capricorns appear to put emotional indulgences on the backburner; however later when they are ready for love, it is just the kind of nurturing and affectionate love of a Cancer partner that can make them willingly commit to a relationship.

However both signs must be careful not to go overboard with their individual compulsions if they want to be together in the long run. The Cancer man should not see everything through the prism of his emotions or he will fail to understand and appreciate the common sense that could help in grounding their relationship to everyday reality. At the same time the Capricorn woman should not put too much emphasis on material concerns or she will find the relationship arid and without the nurturing element of emotions. Another problem which could affect the Cancer man-Capricorn woman pairing is the fact that the latter’s ambitions could come into conflict with the former’s domestic priorities. One of the foremost attachments of a Cancer is to his home and family as aptly represented by the symbol Crab who is only too happy to lug his house around his back. The Capricorn on the other hand is symbolized by the Goat whose focus firmly rests on the pinnacle and who will not be dissuaded in reaching it. Thus a Cancer man might be dismayed to find that his partner is more interested in climbing the corporate ladder rather than keeping the domestic fires burning.

In the end however it is a shared sense of commitment that binds the two signs together. While the Cancer man is only too happy to give and receive emotional security, to a Capricorn few values count as much as faithfulness and loyalty. Unlike a Sagittarius or a Gemini who are likely to feel smothered by emotional dependence of a Cancer, a Capricorn woman will understand his need for security and respond in her own way which might not be as verbally expressive as her partner wants but which will make sure that she is faithful and forever ready to fulfill her responsibilities in the relationship.

Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man

Once the Capricorn man is able to get over his reserve and approach the Cancer woman, he will find in her an extremely caring and compassionate nature. She on the other hand will be courted in the traditional manner – with dinners at fancy restaurants and expensive jewelry on special occasions. Since the Capricorn is a highly conventional personality, he will see to it that his partner never lacks for the right kind of diversions and comforts.

However despite his apparently arid and prim nature, the Capricorn will amaze his Cancer girlfriend with his passionate lovemaking. This is because being an earth sign, the Goat is firmly grounded in his physical senses and thus for him sex is a highly sensual experience. The Cancer woman on the other hand will bring into it the emotional element which is necessary to lift the experience from the merely sexual plane.

What the pair needs to watch out for in their relationship is a tendency to give way to extremes. If the Cancer woman lets herself dissolve in a flood of emotionality while the Capricorn is merely interested in chasing material success, the relationship will get unbalanced, totter and crash. In fact if the two can learn to complement each other with their emotional and practical natures forming the twin pillars of their relationship, it is bound to emerge and last as a beautiful whole.