Cancer - Libra Love Compatibility

Cancer and Libra occupy the fourth and seventh positions in the zodiac calendar. A relationship between partners from each of these signs has a high chance of success even though they might have to contend with some difficulties.

The biggest obstacle that this pair is likely to face in their relationship owes to their differing expectations from love. Cancer being a water sign is highly attuned to emotions and looks for deeper connections in a relationship. Libra on the other hand is ruled by the element air whose main characteristic is that it uses its mind to make sense of the world. Thus while the Cancer partner would want to develop a close emotional bond with their loved ones, the Libra on the other would like to maintain an emotional equanimity if not an emotional distance. A Cancer either needs to feel pampered and cushioned in a relationship or has an overwhelming need of nurturing and almost mothering a partner; this is unlikely to go down well with a Libran partner who like other air signs prefers an exchange of ideas and thoughts rather than emotions and feelings. This might pose a problem in a Cancer-Libra pairing since each has different emotional expectations from a partner.

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However the Cancer and Libra also share an important similarity as far as their personality traits are concerned. Both are fond of peace and harmony in their loves and would go far to ensure that stressful thoughts and feelings are kept at bay. The Cancer is ruled by the moon which not only grants it an emotional almost intuitive power but also lends it a soothing and ethereal beauty. The Libra in its turn is ruled by the planet Venus who in Roman mythology is the goddess of beauty and love. Little wonder then the Libra is much more attuned to beauty of balance and form in their lives. Stress, ugliness and meanness of any kind upsets both signs, though the Libra much more than the Cancer. This common tendency means that both the Cancer and Libra will do their best to keep things pleasant and make their relationship work.

Cancer Man and Libra Woman

The initial attraction between a male Cancer and female Libra is likely to be a consequence of both signs being drawn to the positive attributes of the other.  While the Cancer man will be fascinated by the social graces and the elegant beauty of the Libra woman, the latter will be touched by the warm and caring nature of the former. The female Libra will be happy to come across a guy who does not make egoistical demands on her but is rather willing to go an extra mile to get her favorite dessert for dinner or remember what music she likes to play on a long drive. Being a water sign not only means that the Cancer man will be there to lend a supportive shoulder when she needs one but also that he has an innate capacity for reading a mood. Thus he knows when to reach out to her and when to wait quietly for her to make the first move.

It is when Cancer lovers allow their own emotional compulsions to get the better of their instinctive sensitivity to others’ feelings that problems are likely to crop up. The Cancer man will expect complete emotional involvement from his partner which is just not in the nature of a Libra to offer. She is a creature of air and like fellow air signs - a Gemini or Aquarius - prefers to maintain a detachment from emotional complexities. This is not to say that a Libra woman can never commit herself to a relationship but that holding her to emotional blackmail is hardly the right way to go about it. Once the Cancer man is able to allow her breathing space and stop using his feelings as justification for what she must do and think, he will find her more willing to come closer to him. In fact the influence of the Libra woman can help her Cancer mate to better express his feelings in words and understand the patterns at play in their lives.

Cancer Woman and Libra Man

The male Libra with his penchant for order and harmony will find in a Cancer woman the right balance of feminine beauty and the capacity for warm affection. The social charm of the Libra man will encourage the female Crab to come out of her shell and enjoy life in all its hues while the Cancer woman will ensure that their relationship has a deep emotional anchor.
Lovemaking between the two is yet another way their romantic compatibility will find expression. The warmth and sensitivity brought into the encounter by the Cancer woman will make it a deeply emotional experience. At the same time the Libran partner will imbue it with romance and a charm that is all his own.

However potential differences might crop when the Cancer woman looks forward to spending an intimate evening with her partner at home while her Libra man wishes to go out with close friends. The Libra is one of the most social signs in the zodiac and keeping him away from his circle of friends is not likely to put him in the best of moods. Then again like other air signs a Libra does not like being smothered with affection and a Cancer woman with her tendency to mother a partner stands in danger of doing exactly that.

In the end the secret to love compatibility between a Cancer and Libra lies in their shared love of romance and mutual abhorrence of discord. Both signs are caring and affectionate at heart and once committed to each other, will do all in their power to keep stress triggers and fights at bay. Moreover the two signs complement each other very well; the Cancer ensures that the relationship has a deep emotional base while the Libra can be depended on to prevent it from being swept away by excessive sentimentality.