Gemini - Aquarius Love Compatibility

Gemini and Aquarius are the third and eleventh signs of the zodiac calendar. The two signs share an excellent romantic rapport primarily because of similar personality traits and motivations. Prime among these is the ability to make sense of the world through their minds, which is in fact a consequence of both signs having the same ruling element, air. Those who are ruled by air tend to maintain a substantial difference between the actual life lived and the observing mind. Such people are great at shooting up ideas, thinking up plans and experimenting with various intellectual pursuits. For such signs the ideal partner is not so much one who provides material security like a Taurus or Capricorn or emotional bonding like a Cancer, but rather an intellectual companion - someone with whom they can range through the realms of thought and ideas. This common attribute provides the basis of romantic compatibility between a Gemini and Aquarius.

Moreover being air signs, both are emotionally self-sufficient. They do not seek the unswerving loyalty which is so important to a Taurus partner nor the intense involvement of a Scorpio lover. In fact both Gemini and Aquarius are known to be rather emotionally distant as lovers  but which suits them fine in a mutual relationship since neither has to deal with expectations of loyalty and commitment from the other.

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However an essential difference between Gemini and Aquarius is brought upon by their respective  qualities which ensure that their shared element is expressed in a different way in the two signs. In case of Gemini, the combination of air and mutability makes them highly flexible, hooked to change and forever looking for various points of interest. Aquarius is however a fixed air sign because of which it is able to consistently follow its own train of thought. It is not as easily distracted as the Gemini but at the same time it is often quite resistant of other points of view. However this difference is not too great to sunder a partnership, rather it provides yet another point of interest in the mutual attraction between a Gemini and an Aquarius.

Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman

Both the male Gemini and female Aquarius are highly social people; they are not only fond of being amidst friends and acquaintances but look forward to engaging in long fruitful discussions with them. It is very probably that the Gemini and Aquarius met at such a gathering at a common friend’s place or perhaps at a debating society or similar hobby club. The attraction between a Gemini man and Aquarius woman will be based on a deep desire for intellectual companionship and their mutual ability to enrich each other’s minds. Even the fact that the Aquarius woman is something of a rebel in her lifestyle or appearance is not likely to shock the Gemini guy – he will simply shrug off all evidence of her eccentric dress sense and living arrangements as endearing examples of her highly individualistic personality. This is a far cry from the response of a Taurus or Capricorn lover who would have been horrified to find their partners possessing such unconventional tastes. Even lovemaking between the male Gemini and female Aquarius will bear the marks of this adventurous relationship which will explore new moves and delight in pushing the boundaries of what is and is not acceptable.

However where the two signs might occasionally clash with each other is in the relative seriousness of their goals. While both the Twins and the Water-bearer are attracted to intellectual pursuits, the latter is much more devoted to her ideals. When a philosophical notion or an abstract thought germinates in her mind, she is unlikely to let go of it until it has developed into a full-fledged system. Her Gemini partner on the other might lose interest more quickly and move onto another attractive thought or pursuit. This might make  the latter come across as flighty and even irresponsible to the Aquarius partner even she is herself not much concerned with translating abstract systems into action which other signs like Aries, Leo and Virgo are much more capable of. A Gemini might on the other hand look askance at the serious involvement of his partner with her intellectual concerns and wish to be allied with someone more geared towards enjoying life.

However in the long run, both are mutually suited for the simple reason that they are able to provide each other with the mental stimulation and emotional freedom that few other signs can.

Gemini Woman and Aquarius Man

Being air signs, both the female Gemini and male Aquarius are far removed from the complexities of feelings and sentiments. They make no emotional demands on each and are more than happy to explore the worlds of thoughts and ideas in each other’s company. The only hitch here is that at times the Aquarius needs time alone, far from the company of his fellow-humans. The Gemini on the other hand is more gregarious than him and indeed thrives on the social and verbal exchange that her large circle of friends and acquaintances provides. Moreover an Aquarius is often deeply concerned with thoughts systems, sciences and philosophies which herald the betterment of humanity. From this viewpoint, the Gemini’s tendency to merely skim the surface of ideas and thoughts for her personal enjoyment might appear rather superficial to an Aquarius who might then look for a partner capable of more meaningful involvement in mutual interests.

However in the end both are better placed to understand the personal motivations and unique traits of each other. The relationship between a Gemini and Aquarius is finally a meeting of the minds since the primary way they connect is through an exchange of ideas. The only thing required for the relationship to last over time is a genuine interest in each other; this will keep the partners grounded enough to make their relationship a higher priority than individual compulsions. Thus balanced by other elements and qualities in their charts and when infused with required degree of physicality and action, the Gemini and Aquarius pairing can be one of the most compatible of romantic relationships.