Leo - Leo Love Compatibility - Leo Couple in Love


Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac calendar and includes those born between 22nd of July and 23rd of August. Much like the symbol of the ruler of the jungle they bear, individuals of this sign like to live life king-size. And for the same reason, romantic compatibility between two Leo partners tends to veer towards extremes – either tending to be blissful and full of romance or bitterly competitive and devastating.

One of the most significant characteristics of this sign is their vivacious, gregarious personalities. The Leo man and woman are most likely to meet at a party or at a popular hangout. And in any case it is not difficult to pick out the Leo at a gathering for they are likely to be basking in the limelight – the cynosure of all eyes. This is probably an influence of their ruling planet, the Sun which compels other planets to spin around by its sheer force of attraction. What it means for a Leo-Leo pairing is that they will never be at odds on how to spend an interesting evening. Both will be willing to go out with mutual friends or have people over to their place. This is an important binding trait since couples with contrary social inclinations often encounter difficulties down the line. In a Taurus-Leo pairing for instance, while the Bull will look forward to a comfortable evening at home, the Leo might be putting on make up to go out. On the other hand with both Leo partners, life is best lived under the arclights and no reason is small enough to have a party.

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Then again both being fire signs, the male and female Lion will instinctively share the same interests and a similar enthusiastic nature. The ruling element of fire is believed to grant an inspired outlook to life, particularly towards things that light them up. The Leo partners will most likely share a passionate love for theater, travel, good food, fine wine and a host of other outgoing interests. Theirs will be a vital match with a lot of mutual inspiration and encouragement and in all life will be one exuberant adventure.

However an allied trait of Leos which might have consequences for their relationship is their desire to be in the spotlight. Whether at the workplace or at a party, a Leo will always want to be the center of attraction. This tendency to vanity might not be a big enough problem with a more passive partner like a Pisces who may be only too willing to have his/her partner take the final bow. However in a relationship where both partners like to be in the limelight, this trait might lead to an unhealthy vying for attention. Each will be so immersed in efforts to outdo the other, that both might be unwittingly led into conflict and eventually destroy a good thing between them.

Yet another potential hurdle in a Leo-Leo couple is their literally lion-sized ego. Both believe that they know best; in fact the Lion is famous for giving advice on not only where people should get their groceries from but even how they should lead their lives. However when both partners in a relationship claim to be right – always and every time –  it could lead to a dangerous ego tussle between them. Neither will be willing to give away an inch or see things from the other person’s point of view.
This conflict of the ego might eventually push them apart and worst of all the Lion is too proud to say ‘I’m sorry’. This egoistic trait could be a result of the Leo being a fixed sign; unlike other fire signs, Leo is unshakeable when it comes to their ego.
The Cardinal fire sign Aries, despite their hot-headedness, is also willing to take the lead in ironing out issues and the Mutable fire sign Sagittarius can be quite flexible and adaptable when they want. However to the Leo, other things and people do not matter as much their own pride and ego.

For a Leo-Leo partnership to be successful in the long run, it is essential that each of the two halves learn to give in a little. They could take turns in seeing things from the other person’s point of view or even learning to back off when an issue threatens to get out of control. In the end it should be remembered that Leo has a large and generous heart which is why they are more than capable of adopting one another’s perspective every now and then.

Yet another aspect which will work wonders to keep a Leo man and woman together is their deep attachment to their home and families. Unlike another home-loving sign the Cancer though, the Leo is not really interested in the mundane job of running a household or shopping for kitchen supplies; rather they love presiding over large family dinners and having all their friends and neighbors come over to their place to have a good time. A Leo couple will almost invariably own a large, sprawling house and play generous hosts to all their loved ones. In fact despite their apparently take-it-easy attitude, both the male and female Leo is capable of getting quite ferocious if they suspect that a loved one is in danger. They are extremely possessive about their family members and though they might not believe in the kind of emotional intimacy that a Cancer does, they can be quite dangerous when protecting  their family.

Finally what will definitely keep the Leo man and woman together is their mutual regard for loyalty. It is extremely important for the Lion to know that his/her partner is completely faithful to them which is why they are only too willing to return their own allegiance. The Leo might not mind their partners hanging out with friends or partying till late like a Taurus or Capricorn might; but in the end, they should always come back home to their partners. This unflinching sense of loyalty is what acts as an important binding point despite their occasionally clashing egos.