Libra - Aquarius Love Compatibility


Placed respectively at the seventh and eleventh positions in the zodiac calendar, Libra and Aquarius share a high degree of romantic compatibility. The only hitch is probably a lack of emotional belonging in the relationship which might make it seem rather superficial. However once the two signs see that they are suited to each other, they can comfortably settle down to a long and happy partnership.

The secret to a compatible Libra and Aquarius love match lies in both having similar ways of engaging with the world and its experiences. With air as their ruling element, both use their mind and related skills like conversation and social interaction to understand what is going on around them. Unlike the water signs which depend upon emotional exchange or earth signs which use their practical sense to gauge the value of experiences, the air signs maintain a distance between the life lived and the observing mind. Somewhat similar to a fire sign in possessing energy and enthusiasm, an air is nevertheless different in not being as adventurous or as intense as the former. All these traits of the air sign bode well for the Libra and Aquarius pairing. They both will keep each other interested with long, stimulating discussions on practically every topic under the sun. An Aquarius in love is not so much looking to drown in emotional intimacy or physical sensuality as much as for a companion who will accompany them in their intellectual explorations. This suits the Libra just fine since they thrive in verbal and social exchange and would be glad to avoid the emotional complexities of a relationship.

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However what could put the relationship under some strain is the fact that the two signs have a few personal compulsions of their own. The Libra is actually more social than the Aquarius who can be given to bouts of moody isolation. Then again the Water-Bearer revels in his/her sense of individuality which is not only expressed in their appearance, lifestyle but also in their opinions and value systems. The Libra on the other hand dislikes any kind of extremes and might be dismayed by the level of unconventionality adopted by his/her Aquarius partner. Most of all, the lack of an earth element means that there might not be enough practical sense to keep the relationship grounded in  material and financial security.

The above differences however are can be negotiated provided the two signs want to share a life together. The innate tact and diplomacy of the Libra is the perfect foil for the determined rebelliousness of the Aquarius while the humane and progressive outlook of the latter will answer to the deepest concerns of justice in a Libra.

Libra Man and Aquarius Woman

Both will find in each other the perfect partner to engage in long satisfying discussions and this will create the basis of attraction between the male Libra and female Aquarius. Also the unconventional beauty of the Water-Bearer and her far-reaching vision will keep the Libra man interested in her and make him value her as more than someone who merely likes the sound of her voice.

When the two come together in love, it is likely to be a remarkable experience. Their lovemaking will be fired by the wild imagination of the Aquarius partner while the Libra will infuse it with romance and balance the streak of adventurousness with tender affection and warmth of his love.

However down the line the couple could face some hurdles in their relationship. Primary among them is likely to be a clash between the Libran’s and Aquarian’s individual lifestyles. The former likes to surround himself with aesthetically pleasing objects and experiences since he is born under the planet Venus who in Roman mythology was the goddess of beauty and love. The Libra thus recoils from any kind of extremes or overwhelming sensations. The Aquarius on the other hand is highly original in her tastes and values. She abhors submitting to a system or a way of life just because it has been sanctified by tradition. As a result of their diverging tastes, the Libra man and Aquarius woman might find themselves leading increasingly living separate lives. Though neither is the kind to force the other – unlike a Leo or a Capricorn – to his/her way of doing things, the two might eventually find it difficult to pull along if their individual compulsions are too strong.

Libra Woman and Aquarius Man

The Libra woman is not only one of the most elegant and charming personalities of the zodiac, but also one of the most popular. The Aquarius man is bound to warm up to her easy sociability and her effortless way of drawing people into a conversation. The Libra woman on the other hand will be impressed this guy who has a brilliant mind to offer weight and substance to his conversational skills. They will delight in social and intellectual interactions and this will form the basis of their romance.

However with both being air signs, the Libra and Aquarius couple could face a lack of material security in the relationship. Neither of them are particularly ambitious or possess the quiet industrious nature of the Virgo which might have assured a measure of professional success. One fallacy of the air sign is an inability to translate thoughts and ideas into practical action and without an earth element to ground them to the physical world, the couple might soon find themselves unanchored to material security.

In the end though the Libra and Aquarius are likely to stick to each other for the simple reason that each can be him/herself in the relationship. There is no pressure to conform to the other’s expectations or give express proof of one’s unwavering emotional commitment. In fact the two signs share virtually similar ideas about being in love and will thus find in each other the social and intellectual companion that they require in their journey through life.