Sagittarius - Capricorn Love Compatibility

Sagittarius and Capricorn are the ninth and tenth signs in the zodiac calendar respectively. However in terms of personalities, the two signs appear to be worlds apart, making their love compatibility full of challenges. But then love has been known to find a way and if the Archer and Goat can agree to make their differences complement each other, the relationship has a fair chance of success.

The primary source of difference between the Sagittarius and Capricorn lies in their individual personal traits. The former is full of energy, drive and eager to experiment with new experiences whereas the latter is cautious, sober and is mainly led by utilitarian concerns in life. These personality differences can be directly related to the signs being ruled by separate elements.
The Sagittarius is a fire sign and thus extremely intense and capable of being inspired by ideas and activities close to their heart. The Capricorn on the other hand is an earth sign and therefore led by practical motives in a venture rather than by the pull of imagination or inspiration. What this means for a Sagittarius-Capricorn relationship is that after the initial attraction of the opposites, it is likely to be driven apart by different priorities. The Archer will want to go out, partake of new experiences, get deeply involved in a chosen venture but then quickly move on. The Goat on the other hand will look for stability, materialistic benefits that the relationship can bring as well as fulfillment of certain responsibilities that are crucial to living or at least being together. Thus the divergence of both personalities and expectations in the relationship can create significant breaches.

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Yet another crucial difference between the two signs is their respective expectations from a romantic relationship. While the Sagittarius is primarily looking for a partner to accompany him/her through all the new, exciting adventures in life, the Capricorn is first and foremost interested in how this partnership can support them in their search for social and professional success. The Goat is exceedingly ambitious in nature and the ideal partner who can help them forward will also need to be calm, sober and most of all, responsible – qualities which are rarely associated with an Archer. In fact for the Sagittarius it is important that a partner gives them the personal space they need to pursue their own lifestyle and social inclinations.

However just as these differences can create a rift in a Sagittarius-Capricorn pairing, they also have the potential to complement each other in a relationship. The earthy Capricorn will bring a much-needed practicality into their lives and ground it in commitment whereas the Sagittarius will make it more humane and encourage the Capricorn to have more fun and enjoy the good things of life.

Sagittarius Man and Capricorn Woman

When the male Archer and the female Goat meet each other for the first time, they are likely to be struck by how different they are from each other. And yet this could also be the reason why each will feel compelled to know each other better. And when they do, the Sagittarius guy will be impressed by the steely determination and the quietly ambitious nature of the Capricorn woman. She on the other hand will delight in a whole new world of imagination, adventure and enthusiasm that her partner will lay out for her.

It might require some effort on the part of the Archer to get his Capricorn woman intimate with him. This is because the Goat is rather traditional in nature and this coupled with their innate reserve is highly unlikely to tempt them to jump into bed with a guy on the first or even second date. But eventually when they do make love, it will be a kind of revelation for both. The Capricorn woman will delight giving full expression to her strong passionate feelings which have always lain dormant beneath her stern exterior. The Sagittarius man on the other hand will be blown away by the deep sensuality that his earthy partner will bring into their lovemaking.

However over time, the pull of their conflicting personalities might prove a challenge to the success of the relationship. The Capricorn woman might be irked by her partner’s restless nature and inability to stick at any one interest. In fact the Sagittarius is known to be rather careless with their finances and careers and this is hardly likely to go down with the Capricorn partner for whom material success in an important criterion in an ideal partner.

And yet if the two can manage to adopt a little more of the other’s perspectives, the relationship can come around. This should not be a problem for the Sagittarius guy since he is a mutable sign and its chief characteristic is flexibility in responding to various attitudes and situations. The Capricorn on the other hand is a cardinal sign and thus more than capable of taking the initiative to make things work in the relationship.

Sagittarius Woman and Capricorn Man

One of the foremost things that would attract the male Capricorn to the female Archer is her effervescence and an innate sense of optimism. No activity or place or idea is impossible for her to try out and it is this infectious enthusiasm that sweeps men away when they come in contact with the typical Sagittarius woman. At the same time she will be intrigued by the silent, successful Goat who is so sure of himself but without making a show about it.

However whether their initial attraction can give way to something more meaningful depends on how the couple wants to negotiate their mutual differences. If both partners find a way to do so, each will discover that the other has fulfilled a lack they have always felt within themselves. The Sagittarius woman will not only appreciate the material security that her successful partner will bring but also the fact that his strong sense of commitment will provide a point of belonging to which she can return after all her wanderings and explorations. And he on the other hand will find his life lighted by the joy, energy and positivity of his Sagittarius partner and feel himself being lifted to a more inspired way of living.