10 Romantic Ways to Give a Girl a Ring

If you are lucky to have found the girl of your dreams and what’s more she feels the same about you, sooner or later you will want her to give a token of you love. And one of the most romantic ways to show how serious you are is to give her a ring. While the very act of presenting a ring to your girlfriend is imbued with romance, presenting it in an unusual way is sure to create lovely memories for a lifetime. So whether you are looking to give a promise ring to your beloved or an engagement ring, here are ten romantic ways to go about it.

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Go chocolaty

If your girlfriend loves chocolates, as most women do, here is a delicious way to present her a ring. Buy a box of gourmet chocolates, preferably heart-shaped, from one of the best confectioners in your town. Remove one of the chocolates from the box and replace it with the ring. Don’t forget to have the box wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with a fancy bow. When your girlfriend opens the box expecting only chocolates, she will see the ring and most probably dissolve in happy tears.


A walk on the beach

If you are lucky to live in a town with a beach, go shell-collecting with your girlfriend on a pleasant day. However before that buy a small jewelry box or an aquarium accessory in the shape of an oyster shell and put the ring in it. While your girlfriend is actually looking for shells on the beach, swiftly plant the box in the sands and let out a whoop of joy as though you have found something unusual. Hand it over to your girlfriend and when she opens the faux oyster shells, she will find a ring nestling in it.

A poem of love

For lovers of poetry, this could make a wonderful way of presenting a ring. Buy a book of love poems for your girlfriend, preferably by her favorite poet(s). Leave the pages in the first third of the book as they are. Using a utility knife, carve out a small square into the other pages to create a cavity just big enough to place the ring. Present the book to your girlfriend and once you have settled down with a glass of wine, ask her to read a few of the poems aloud to you. After flipping through a few pages, she will discover the ring – a perfect ode to your love.

A scavenger hunt

Every relationship needs a good dose of fun to stay healthy and what better way to keep it that way than by playing a round of love games. So the next time you organize a romantic scavenger hunt for your girlfriend, let the final prize be the ring you have bought for her. And once she reaches the final destination, she will find much more than the she thought she was playing for.

In the midst of nature

If you both love the outdoors, few settings can be as romantic as a hillside bathed in the light of a setting sun or a clear, balmy night under the stars. And as you and your girlfriend sit holding hands, seemingly lost in the wondrous beauty of nature, gently slip in the box containing the ring into her fingers. Her look of puzzlement is sure to turn into a squeal of delight in the next few seconds.

A sensual treat

If you wish to make the occasion a truly sensual experience, here is what you can do before giving your girlfriend the ring. Choose a leisurely evening when neither of you are busy. Run a warm bath for her and on it sprinkle rose petals or aromatic bath oil. Make sure there is soft romantic music playing in the background. Now light several floating candles and place them on the water. Just keep one of them unlit so that you can put the ring in it. Once your beloved joins you in the bath, float down to her the candle bearing the ring.

Make it classy

Yet another romantic way to present a ring to your girlfriend would be to take her out at a fancy restaurant. Go the whole hog and turn up in a dinner jacket after having stepped out of a chauffeur-driven limousine.  And while she is taking in the chandeliers, the crystal on the table and the live music at the restaurant, request the waiter  to bring in the chef’s special which would naturally be a covered plate with the ring inside it.

Dessert night

A more private and economical variation of the above idea would be to have a special dessert night at home. Invite your girlfriend to a simple dinner at your place and once she agrees, get her favorite ice-cream or pastry for dessert. Before serving it, put the ring in the bowl and then cover it with whatever she is having. While this makes for a great romantic surprise, just pray silently that she doesn’t choke on the ring.

Say it with flowers

Red roses have always been associated with the ardor and passion of romantic love. And so what better way to profess the same to your girlfriend than by hiding a ring inside its petals. For this you’ll need to choose a firm rose bud and gently pry open the petals in order to place the ring there. Once you present it your girlfriend, make sure she keeps it in a safe, prominent place like her dresser or the bedside table. The bud will open a couple of days later, revealing the ring in its velvety folds.

Breakfast in bed

If your girlfriend enjoys sleeping in, here is a great way to say “good morning”. Set a breakfast tray for her with toast, eggs, juice and a flower for decoration. Keep the ring on a small plate and cover it so it looks like part of the breakfast menu. Your girlfriend will be thrilled just seeing you bringing breakfast in bed but wait till she uncovers the closed plate and finds the ring!