Duncan James admits being a bisexual

London, July 12 (ANI): Boy band Blue''s Duncan James has come out of the closet to admit that he is a bisexual. "I was living a secret life. I went through a process of asking what the f*** am I?Am I gay? Am I straight? Am I bi? That''s why I was so frightened about talking. Now, in my early 30s, I know who I am and I''m proud of who I am. I don''t want to hide anymore," the News of the World quoted him as saying.

The news is expected to shock the pop star''s female fans all over the world. However, it took a lot of guts for the star to open up about his sexuality. He said: "I''d never talked to my mum about sex and relationships. It was quite a taboo subject because we came from a Catholic upbringing. "One night towards the end of the trip, I knocked on my mum''s door before she went to bed. I was looking down and avoiding her eyes. I said, ''I need to talk to you''. "She said, ''Oh my God, what''s wrong, are you all right?'' "I responded, ''I need to tell you something. I''ve been in a relationship with a guy and I''m really confused about it. I haven''t been able to talk to anyone for a couple of years.''

"She hugged me and couldn''t believe it. She said, ''I thought you were going to tell me you were dying or something. Hundreds of people have had things with guys as well as girls. I love you, that doesn''t matter to me.'' The singer then went on to disclose it to his band members who supported him.

He added: "I told Simon first. He went straight away, ''Is that all you''re worried about? I love you man. That''s cool. You''re not alone. It doesn''t change anything for us.''

"I spoke to Lee next then Ant. They were really supportive too. After that I actually felt quite comfortable with myself." He had his first relationship with a person of the same sex in 2001, the year the band were celebrating their first three No1 hits - All Rise, Too Close and If You Come Back. He said: "I''d never been intimate with a man. I''d been quite happy having girlfriends. "But I met a guy. He was my friend at first but we took the friendship to the next level. "Up until that point I''d never had those feelings towards a guy before. But this person came into my life and put a spanner in the works. I definitely loved him. It was my first experience like that.

Duncan still likes women, he added: "I can still look at women now and think they''re sexy. I love being intimate with a woman, I love breasts. I do think girls can be a lot more emotional." James, who was looked at as a womanizer until now, has a four-year-old daughter, Tianie-Finne James with former girlfriend Claire Granger. He has been to linked a string of women in the past including Geri Halliwell, Tara Palmer Tomkinson, Martine McCutcheon and ex-Big Brother winner Kate Lawler. (ANI)