How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time - Kissing Tips

The art of the kiss is a fascinating phenomenon which leaves much to be considered in nearly all circumstances. Never is the kiss more significant though, than on the first encounter. A kiss can dictate the very future of a relationship, so it's important to take the necessary measures to make your first kiss a memorable one.

When you're planning an initial kiss for the girl of your dreams, it will probably be in your best interest to make it happen in a situation where the two of you are alone. Many girls (guys too, for that matter) are a little shy when it comes to public affection, and the last thing you want is for your first kiss to be marred by awkwardness or discomfort because of surroundings. Your first kiss should be memorable and intimate, and this is most plausible in a private setting. If you find that you and your target lips are really clicking well in a restaurant or bar then ask her if she'd like to join you for a walk or some coffee afterward. The fewer eyes that are on the two of you as you make your move, the better.

One thing that's nothing short of pivotal in the make out game is good breath. If you kiss a girl for the first time while you have pizza mouth then you can rest quite assured that the experience will be less than pleasurable for her. If you have any doubt of how detrimental this can be to a budding a relationship, you shouldn't. Bad breath on a first kiss can take sparks and turn them into mud. Luckily though, this is an easy problem to intercept. Always have breath mints on hand, and be sure to take one after any meal you eat, any alcohol you drink (you don't have to worry about soda, water or juice), and any cigarette you smoke (even if your date's a smoker). When you're out to dinner with a girl, steer clear of garlic, onions, and lingering spices.   

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When seeking the opportunity to plant that first kiss, there comes a time to be assertive. While many women might have you believe that they don't abide by traditional gender roles and such (girl power is a popular and fun fad being toted highly by the media for the last several years), very few are pure feminists and most women like for a man to take some initiative when it comes to making a move. So don't ask your date if you can kiss her or put your arm around her; try to read her body language instead.  If she's looking into your eyes, smiling, and is sitting or standing closely enough to be touching your body then chances are that she's somewhat interested. However, if she's looking away or still kind of  treating your conversation and closeness as platonic then you should probably wait for a better opportunity. While most girls do like for a man to take charge, this only applies if they are ready for such an interaction to take place. Going in for a kiss on a girl who's not expecting it can be as bad as onion breath, so use your judgment.

Touching is a must as you pursue a first kiss. Women like to be held and comforted as they dive into a potentially intimate situation. Try to be sly about touching her; you don't want it to seem creepy or obvious. A good segue from sitting next to a girl and actually touching her is a joke that lands. If you say something that makes a girl laugh then you can laugh right along and put your hand on her leg, as if to brace yourself. This falls a bit more into the pre-kiss flirting area (as opposed to the actual kissing) but it will help out for when the time does come. When you find yourself in the perfect spot to make your move, put your arms around and caress her as you slowly go in for the finish. If you can give a girl goosebumps just before your lips land on hers,  then it is very likely that she will find the moment both pleasurable and memorable.

There are also some technical aspects to consider during the actualization of your first kiss. One thing that some people don't seem to fully grasp (I myself have been guilty of this and dealt with the moment's awkwardness) is that when kissing someone you should always close your eyes. Eye contact during a kiss completely ruins the moment and makes for a level of weirdness that can't be undone (and on a first kiss this would be catastrophic). Just close your eyes and enjoy the moment. Conforming to your partner's individual kissing “style” is also important. Some people like to kiss using more tongue motion and aggressiveness than others. The safe bet is to start off slowly and basically repeat her tongue motions back to her (I would say that “slow” kissing on the whole is substantially more popular than speed kissing, particularly in a passionate first kiss situation). Don't just launch yourself into licking her tonsils as many women will find this unpleasantly surprising. In modern society the french kiss is typically the smooch of choice but you should definitely be prepared for a “no tongue” kiss as well. Just go in with your lips slightly open and do precisely what she does. As you get into a relationship and spend more intimate moments together the exploration with different kinds of kissing (deep kissing, fast kissing, sucking, nibbling, biting etc.) will happen, but on a first kiss it's typically in your best interest to play it somewhat conservatively.

Kissing is a truly integral part of dating. It is essentially the bridge between a platonic relationship and an intimate one. If a first kiss is a trainwreck then the odds of there being more kissing to follow are dramatically decreased, so always treat the situation with caution and awareness. Choose your opportunities wisely, and always come prepared for this potentially momentous occasion.