The Line of Fate or Destiny in Palmistry

Read about the line of fate in palmistry. Find out how successful a person will be in their chosen career or profession. Read about career changes, having more than one career and the lucky breaks that will come along during the course of the career. Find out about the highs and lows of the career, the direction it will take and the financial success and fame that will come with the chosen career. You can learn about job changes, business success and financial independence from the fate line in palmistry.

Reading the Line of Fate or Destiny

The Line of Fate or Destiny is the line from the wrist to the second finger. When ong and well marked it denotes strong personality and if the other lines on the hand are good it promises success by one's own personal individuality. (Plate 1.)

Influence Lines to the Fate Line on the Mount Of Venus

Influence Lines to the Fate Line on the Mount Of Venus, and Other Signs Which also have a Meaning in Connection with Marriage.

Double Lines of Fate in Palmistry

When the Line of Fate is itself double (2-2, Plate XIV.), it is a sign of what is called "a double life," but if, after running side by side for some length these two lines join or become one, it foretells that "the double life" has been caused by some great affection, that circumstances prevented a union, but that the preventing cause will be removed at the point where these two lines join.

The Line of Destiny and its Modifications

If such a line be found joining the Line of Heart (1-1, Plate XII.), it foretells a happy and prosperous marriage, but one in which idealism, romance, and some fortunate circumstances play their rĂ´le, and one which results more from the caprice or fancy of the person of the other sex.

The Line of Destiny or Fate in Palmistry

The Line of Destiny, otherwise called the Line of Fate (1-1, Plate XI.) is naturally one of the most important of the principal lines of the hand.

The Line of Fate Rising from the Middle of the Palm

When the Line of Fate only makes its appearance far up in the centre of the palm, in what is called the Plain of Mars, it indicates a hard early life and that the subject must always have a hard fight to gain his ends; but should the Line ascend clearly and strongly from the Plain of Mars and have a branch to or on towards the Mount of the Sun, such a person will be the architect of his own fortunes, and without help or assistance will win success and fortune by his own personal hard work and merit.