The Line of Heart in Palmistry

Read about the line of heart in palmistry. Find out about love affairs, crushes, heartbreaks, romances, flirtations, unrequited love, relationships, attitudes to love and lots more from the heart line.

Palmistry - Palm Reading - The Line of Heart

The Line of Heart is found at the base of the Mounts under the fingers. It denotes the Love nature and relates to all matters dealing with the affections. (Plate 1.)

The Line of Heart as Indicating the Affectionate and Emotional Nature

The Line of Heart is that Line which runs across the hand under the fingers and generally rises under the base of the first, and runs off the side of the hand under the base of the fourth or little finger (1-1, Plate XVI.).

The Line of Heart and its Variations

From the centre of the Mount of Jupiter, the Heart Line gives more moderation, but also great ideality, and is one of the best of the variations of this Line that we are about to consider.