The Line of Sun or Success in Palmistry

Read about the line of sun in palmistry. Find out about how famous or successful the person is going to be. Find out how much attention the person will receive in their lifetime. Read about the extent to which the efforts of the person will bear fruit and bring money, fame and glory.

Reading the Line of Success, Otherwise Called the Line of Sun

The Line of Success or of Sun is as the Sun is to the Earth, whenever it appears on the hand it promises brightness, success, and increase of for- tune. Its best position is rising from the wrist to the base of the third finger. (Plate 1.)

The Line of Sun and its Modifications

From whatever date in the hand the Line of Sun appears, things become brighter, more prosperous and important. The Line of the Sun may rise from the following positions:

The Line of Sun in Palmistry

The Line of the Sun, which is otherwise called the Line of Success or the Line of Brilliancy (1-1, Plate XV.), is one of the most important marks on the hand to consider.