Palmistry - Reading the Line of Health

The Line of Health begins under the "little finger," and goes down the palm towards the Line of Life. (Plate 1.)

When the Line of Life round the base of the thumb is made up of little pieces or linked like a chain and the Line of Health is thick and heavy, great delicacy and illness may be expected through life. (Plate 2.)

When the Line of Health or any branch from it touches the Line of Life, it foretells severe illness and danger of death at the date the two lines meet. (Plate 3.)

The Line of Health with a loop or "island" in it near but above the Line of Head denotes trouble with nose and throat. (Plate 4.)

The Line of Health forming an "island" above and below the Line of Head indicates delicacy and danger from the chest and lungs, and especially so when the finger nails are long and "almond shape." (Plate 5.)

Danger of death is clearly indicated when the Line of Life is "broken" and a branch from the Line of Health or the line itself runs into the "break." (Plate 6.)

When the Line of Health appears to turn away from the Line of Life, it denotes complete recovery from whatever illness threatened, and this sign is in itself the promise of a very long life. (Plate 7.)

It is best of all to have no Line of Health on the hand.


This Line of Health rises at the base of the "little finger," and grows down the palm towards the Line of Life. It should not cross over to, or cut, the Line of Life.

The straighter it lies on the hand the better.

Touching the Line of Life, it indicates that there is sonic delicacy at work undermining the life.

Joining both Lines of Heart and Life together and so forming a narrow triangle on the palm, it denotes a tendency for weakness of the heart, especially if an "island" appears in the Heart Line.

The Line of Health deep and very red in colour denotes a tendency to fevers.

Twisted, irregular and dark in colour—bilious- ness and liver complaints.

If very heavy when crossing the Line of Head— severe headaches.

When very broken—bad digestion and poor health.

With an "island" above the Line of Head— delicacy of nose and throat.

With a large "island" above and below the Line of Head—delicacy of chest and lungs.

Joining the Lines of Heart and Head together only, it indicates a danger to the brain—very often of fever, especially so if "islands" are marked on the Line of Head.

A long straight Line of Health turning away from the Life Line will counteract the evil effects of a weak Line of Life.