The Mount of Saturn (Negative) and its Meaning in Palmistry

The Mount of Saturn may be considered negative or mental when the person is found born between the dates of January 21st and February 18th, and also for the seven days following.

These people are like the preceding type in almost all things, except that the same things appear to affect them more mentally than physically.

They also feel lonely in life, but more mentally than the former type--they seem to feel less companionship in their ideas and thoughts, whereas the former feel it more in their lives and careers.

These latter types are more sensitive and very easily wounded in their feelings.

They read character instinctively and seem to "see through" people too easily to be really happy. They bitterly resent being taken in or deceived, and when they think they have been, they astonish people by the bitterness of their resentment.

They make loyal, true friends, if their feelings are once aroused, and they will undergo any sacrifice for the sake of a friend, but they will stop at nothing to avenge an injury if they think they have been deceived.

They are usually very active for the public good, and they give a good deal of their time and money to doing good, but in their own way. Like the positive type of Saturn they have very decided views of their own about religion and especially the regular observances and ceremonials of Church life.

They are very different from the previous type in that they usually take a keen interest in public meetings and large gatherings of people. They love theatres, concerts, and places of amusement, and yet always if they told the truth, they feel alone in life.

They have a quiet controlling power with their eyes, and although highly nervous people themselves, yet they have the greatest control over excitable and nervous patients and also over the insane. It is a strange fact that in the run of their careers they seem fated to be brought into contact with such cases.


These people suffer most from the nerves of the stomach and the digestive organs, and ordinary remedies seem to fail entirely to relieve them.

They have as a rule poor circulation of the blood, cold feet and hands, very delicate teeth, and suffer much from accidents and hurts to the feet, ankles and limbs.

They seldom feel strong in health and yet they have enormous power of resistance, and when a call is made on their will power, they usually astonish every one by what they can stand, especially if they in any way think that their duty or principles are involved or at stake.