The System of Seven in Palmistry - How to Predict Date and Time of Events

The System of Seven (Plate 19) which I evolved from ancient records which were placed at my disposal, and from long experience in my own professional work, is to consider the simplest and clearest method of calculating when the principal events or changes in one's career have taken place or are likely to take place.

This system is founded on the well-known natural law that the entire body in a measure changes every seven years.

From Medical Science we learn that there are seven distinct changes in the prenatal existence before birth, that the brain in its development takes seven forms before it takes "the unique character of the human brain," and that the entire system changes every seven years.

I have also found that as a general rule, the alternate seven years of life are somewhat alike in relations to the changes in the health of the body. For example, a child very delicate when passing the end of the first seven years will also repeat the same delicacy when passing the end of the alternate seven, such as between the twentieth and the twenty-first year. Such observations materially assist one in making predictions about health.

A similar effect I have proved takes place in the question of what we call "luck" also every alternate seven years. A run of seven years of bad luck being generally followed by a run of seven easier or what may be called good or favourable years, to be followed again in the alternate seven, by, if not really "bad luck," at least difficult years.

The most distinct point for obtaining an exact date from which one may work out others, is to remember that the centre of the palm may always be considered as the middle of the career, namely-35 years of age. This point is generally found to be where the Line of Head crosses the Line of Fate. The Book of Holy Writ lays down the well-known law that "the span of man's life is three score years and ten," and as the half of that span is the thirty-fifth year the hand bears out this law and places this date as the centre of the human Destiny.

The most celebrated of the Greek Philosophers, such as Anaxagoras and Aristotle, in following out this study, called the portion of the palm between the years twenty-one and thirty-five, "The Plain of Mars," or symbolic of the most difficult part of the fight in the "Battle of Life." These years thus become in the hand the two sides of the triangle as shown in the accompanying illustration, and a line drawn from the apex of this triangle cutting through the Line of Fate gives us the twenty-eighth year. Once these principal dates are clearly established, it becomes quite easy for the student to fill in the other years.