Travels, Voyages and Accidents in Palmistry

Travels and voyages may be seen on the hand by the little lines that leave the Line of Life and bend over towards the Mount of the Moon and also by the lines found on this Mount (2, Plate XXI.).

When these fine lines of travel are seen on the Line of Life, by referring to the map showing dates (Plate XXVI.), it may be possible to obtain a very clear idea of when these travels take place.

When, however, the Line of Life itself divides, and one branch of it leans over towards or on to the Mount of the Moon (I, Plate XXI.), it denotes that the entire life will be full of change and travel. In such a case it will not be possible, except by the use of some gift such as clairvoyance, to tell accurately in advance the dates of voyages that will be undertaken.

If the Line of Life apparently leaves its ordinary course and sweeps over to the Mount of the Moon, the life will be one continual round of travel. The person will settle nowhere, and the end of the life in such a case will take place in some land far distant from the place of birth.

If the Line of Life has no line or branch leaving it and going in an opposite direction, but keeps to the form of a semi-circle round the Mount of Venus, then such a life will be remarkably free from change and travel, and the person will remain all his life in the land of his birth (3-3, Plate XXI.).

When a travel Line from the Line of Life ends in a small cross the journey undertaken will end in disappointment (4, Plate XXI).

When the Line ends in a square, there will be great danger to the subject on such a journey, but he will escape, as the square is a sign of preservation from danger.

When the Line ends in an island, the journey will end in loss (5, Plate XXI.).

When the Travel Line crosses over near or on to the Mount of the Moon and ends in a fork or a circle, there will be great danger of the subject losing his life in undertaking such a journey.

There is always more danger in travelling on water when the subject is found to be born in the following dates:

  1. Between the 21st of June and the 21st of July.
  2. The 21st of October and the 21st of November.
  3. Between the 21st of February and the 21st of March.

There is more likelihood of danger from collision of trains and accidents on land when the subject is born between:

  1. The 21st of April and 21st of May.
  2. The 21st of August and the 21st of September.
  3. The 21st of December and the 21st of January.

Danger from storms, tornadoes, thunder and lightning, is more likely to occur when people are travelling whose birthdays fall between:

  1. The 21st of May and the 21st of June.
  2. The 21st of September and the 21st of October.
  3. The 21st of January and the 21st of February.

Accidents are generally marked by lines descending from the Mount of Saturn and touching the Line of Life (6, Plate XXI.).

When falling on the Line of Head, they increase the danger to the head itself (7, Plate XXI.).

Descending lines are those that look thicker on the Mount and taper as they come downwards.