How to Make your Ex-Boyfriend Jealous - Tips and Advice


There may be many reasons you want to make your ex-boyfriend jealous. Some of them may be good and some of them could be really bad. Almost all of them are sure to be immature and petty. But the broken heart wants what it wants. Who cares about being good and righteous when you can be evil and get even? All the pop psychology aside, sometimes it’s therapeutic to make an ex jealous. Something vindictive about having him regret not being with you. So, take a deep breath as we indulge our darker side...

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1. The best revenge, they say, is to live well. As vague as that is, it’s pretty clear that if you are happy with your current situation in life, it means that your life is a lot better without your ex. Be happy with your life and life’s choices. Make your peace with your current situation and be content. True happiness shows on your face, through your smile and your laughter.

2. Do not stop working, exercising and hanging out with friends, especially common friends. You need to continue your routine to stay sane. Also, hanging out with common friends will only help your cause. They can act as indirect messengers between you and your ex-boyfriend.

3. Do not post depressing status messages on Facebook. Do not tweet that you’re now broken hearted. This will appear too contrived and sad. Do post standard and mundane messages about work or studies. Another option is posting updates about music, movies you watched, clubs that you went to, etc.

4. Always look your best. Even if you step out to buy tangerines or cereal, look good. You don’t have to wear your Sunday best, but be groomed. Even if you’re casually dressed, do not be frazzled and sloppy. When you leave your house, ask yourself if you want to look like this if your ex-boyfriend runs into you? Would this look be good enough to make him regret his decision?

5. Hang out with one of your guy friends to make your ex-boyfriend jealous. Not more than one. It could be viewed as desperate. If you have a friend that your ex was always jealous of, half your work is done. Do not be over-flirtatious; however, you can be affectionate and warm.

6. If you run into your ex, be very casual. Act like you would if you ran into a casual friend of the opposite gender. Answer everything he asks in a matter-of-fact manner. Talk about exams, college, etc. Anything mundane and routine that isn’t indicative of your heartache is good. If you are asked “How you doing?”, say that you’re doing well. Respond naturally and in the way you would to an acquaintance or even a stranger. Don’t look sad or forlorn.

7. Do not do stuff that would be perceived as familiar. For example, if a song is playing, don’t proclaim that you remember how much your ex loves this song. If he sniffles, don’t ask him if the allergy is still acting up. Do not comment on things like new haircuts, clothes, etc., even if that’s the first thing you notice.

8. Look distracted and keep checking the time. Always leave before him and say you’re late. Implying that you’re late for something is a great way of signing off. Do not elaborate what you’re late for.

9. Don’t ever be hostile or indifferent. This reeks of the fact that you are still not over him. If you smile and act like running into him hasn’t affected you, your ex will get the message that you don’t care.

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10. Don’t ask your ex-boyfriend about immediate or long term plans. Don’t ask “What you doing tonight?” or “What plans for the weekend?”. Once you banish curiosity, you will be able to show your ex that you don’t care about his life and you have truly moved on. Asking your ex if he has seen a certain movie or play will be considered a hint. Ditto about concerts, recitals, art shows, etc. Do not make any indication of wanting to hang out with him. The same applies to bigger decisions such as which college or university he plans to go to.

11. If you’re seeing someone new, call him when your ex-boyfriend is around. Don’t raise your voice but mumble sweet nothings. Be barely audible. Your body language and smile should indicate that you’re having a flirty conversation. If your ex asks about him, be terse and to the point. Say that he is really fun to hang out with and end the conversation at that. It will kill your ex if you’re having fun with someone new!

12. You could also subtly flirt with someone when you know your ex is watching. Do not be over-flirtatious in a cheap and desperate way. Saying a line here and a little eye contact there should be enough. Don’t make too much of physical contact. Touch the shoulder or arm slightly while talking, but not in a gross way. Choose someone special to shower your attention on. Do not flirt with everyone. Having just one object of affection seems credible.

13. Do fun things like take a fishing trip with your friends or go clubbing. Be sure to mention this to a friend who will convey this to your ex. Your ex will hate it that you have an independent life beyond him.

If you want to make your ex-boyfriend jealous just to get back at him, you could use one or many of these tips. However, if you want to win your ex-boyfriend back, be careful with certain things like flirting with someone new or being seen with someone new. Seeing you with someone new could act as a catalyst and help your ex move on. So, figure out your agenda before beginning the exercise.   

Understand that making your ex-boyfriend jealous will either make you feel vindicated or content, but only temporarily. In order to move on or to get together with your ex again, you will have to banish negative emotions and bring in the positive ones. Whatever your agenda, you can indulge your broken heart and do things that make you feel better at that moment. However, draw the line when it gets obsessive and out of control.