Breaking up

When it comes to matters of the heart, there are no guarantees - just when you may have thought that you have been able to put the breakup behind and move on, your ex may call out of the blue and reveal that his/her new married life has not been going so great. If something like this takes you by surprise, here are a few things to guide you on your way through the torturous path of human relationships.

Be honest with yourself

One of the biggest fears of married men, especially in long distance ones like a military marriage, is receiving a Dear John letter from the wife. Whether he may have realized that things were going downhill in their marriage or it came as a bolt from the blue, the effect is almost always stunning and exceedingly painful. This is especially true in a long term marriage where two people have made a life, raised a family and even struck roots together.

Breakups are never pleasant to go through and yet some people take them worse than others. Individuals with deep-seated emotional or psychological issues cannot let go of a partner and even after breaking up, they somehow want to get even with a former lover. Unfortunately this kind of distorted vengeance is even more dangerous because of the intimate nature of the former relationship. One of the most common manifestations is an ex threatening to post private pictures online. If you too find yourself at the receiving end of such heinous acts, here are some tips on how to act.

Ending a relationship, no matter what the reason behind the dissonance, can be hard. On top of this if you have been the one to end it, the experience can leave a lingering after-taste of guilt and regret. Things can be especially difficult for emotional personalities who have a tendency to keep looking back and turning things over in their head. If you too have been obsessing over your role in the breakup, here are a few tips on letting go and moving on.

‘It’s not you, it’s me’ – just this one line in a text message inbox can be enough to hurl someone from rosy dreams of being in love to hard reality of a breakup. the looming danger of having ‘the talk’ or even receiving a Dear John letter is now being replaced by a short, crisp digital message indicating the end of a relationship. Though no doubt convenient to end things with a tap of the finger on the send button, one could stop to consider how right it is to breakup this way and what are the complications it causes.

The thing about workplace relationships is that while they are easy to get into, they are as hard to get out of. When people spend the greater part of the working day together, they are bound to find someone with whom they have some common interests. This often leads to sharing a few social moments and if they hit off, things are ripe for a relationship.

There may be many reasons you want to make your ex-boyfriend jealous. Some of them may be good and some of them could be really bad. Almost all of them are sure to be immature and petty. But the broken heart wants what it wants. Who cares about being good and righteous when you can be evil and get even? All the pop psychology aside, sometimes it’s therapeutic to make an ex jealous. Something vindictive about having him regret not being with you. So, take a deep breath as we indulge our darker side...

A breakup is always a difficult thing to go through, no matter what the reason. But if you somehow feel that the relationship was ended by your partner, you are tempted to go and have sex with others. This is known as having sex on the rebound. So before you go and hit the bar in search of ways to get over your ex, decide whether you really want to have sex on the rebound.

At its best, rebound sex offers a distraction

  1. If they're singing about heartbreak, they've lived it. - Paula Abdul, Musician
  2. We have witnessed the most extraordinary devastation. The magnitude of the situation is unbelievable. It's just heartbreaking. - Kathleen Blanco, Politician

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If you're the one whose relationship is breaking up and he still wants to be friends.

1. Hear him/her out

It always pays to see give the other partner an attentive listening ear. Even if you are highly-strung and seething with emotion, try and put on a brave front and see what they have to say. You know the other person well enough to decide whether he/she is being genuine.


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