Breaking up

11. Think about all the Aspects of your Life you should be Grateful for

So your love life isn't the most happening thing at the moment. But we can't have it all. Look at all the areas of your life that are sailing along smoothly. And revel in them. Seize happiness from little things like a good bargain or a great boss and of course wonderful family and friends. In fact, now that you don't have to invest time and energy in your love life use this opportunity to strengthen and cement your relationships with friends and family.

31. Empathize

Misery loves company. Provide a listening ear for someone who's still having a tough time dealing with a break-up and share some of your wisdom and expertise. Tell them how you're coping with your own break-up crisis and provide some valuable break-up survival tips. Helping someone in the same situation can be a boost to your self-esteem.

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It might seem rather strange to some people to perceive a relationship between a boy and his ex-girlfriend. Yes, we may sound a rather brusque when we talk about ‘relationship’ and ‘ex-girlfriend’ in the same breath. How can these two apparently contradictory terms gel together? One may wonder. Relationship need not always connote an amorous kind that may exist between a boy and a girl. A friendship for instance is one such relationship that can happen between a boy and girl, or rather, his ex-girlfriend.

To many of us, being successful in terms of a career is important, but equally so is being content and fulfilled in a good relationship. When we think we’ve found it, our happiness knows no bounds. And when it seems like it’s over, we go through a gamut of emotions – anger, despair, grief, sadness, and depression. We feel lost and adrift, unsure what our next move should be. It’s actually very clear. It’s akin to losing a near and dear one. And when that happens, the first step is to let go.

If you're the one whose relationship is breaking up and he still wants to be friends.

1. Hear him/her out

It always pays to see give the other partner an attentive listening ear. Even if you are highly-strung and seething with emotion, try and put on a brave front and see what they have to say. You know the other person well enough to decide whether he/she is being genuine.

Breaking up with a partner can sometimes be traumatic. Even though you saw it coming or made it happen yourself, you may not be ready for the impact of the break-up. Suddenly you are alone and no longer part of a couple. It feels like a giant missile burst up on your life crushing your dreams and aspirations, leaving your daily existence a strange and difficult place to be.

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Claire was riding high on life and love thanks to the loving relationship she shared with Ben. Ben would always reassure her that this flowery chapter of her life would never end, their relationship was strong enough to withstand the test to time. Sadly today, the reality is quite different. Ben and Claire have broken up. They had spent several months to build their relationship and it took just over a minute to sever all ties. An 'unshakeable bond' had come to an end. There are many people out there who may have gone through a similar situation like Ben and Claire.

41. Have a Girls/Guys Night Out

Do something wild with your gal pals or have a guys-only party. Don't drown your sorrows in a drink but do let your hair down enough to have a really good time, since you don't have to impress anybody.

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42. Go for a Movie

A necessary part of dating is breaking up. Not all relationships are meant to be. If the person you love leaves you, it often feels like the end of the world. But hey, it's not! Did you know that swans mate for life and when they lose their lifetime mate, they become vicious and destructive? It's unbearable to be around them. Fortunately for humans, there's more than one mate out there for us. And we have the intrinsic ability to mend our hearts and get on with our lives.

Breaking up is a difficult thing to do, irrespective if you've been dating a week, a month or years. It is hard for both, the one doing the breaking up and the one who is dumped. The individual who initiates the break up feels guilty; because he is going to inflict pain on the person he has professed to love so far, and will possibly be at the receiving end of some really serious grief. The one who gets dumped feels the heartbreak and anguish of wondering what went wrong and dealing with being alone again.


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