Breaking up

Ever since primitive times, human have adorned themselves with various kinds of body art. While earlier this stood for tribal affiliation or indicated hierarchy in a community, today tattoos are more personalized. They can range from making fashion statements to announcing who is in love with who – trends which were heralded by many celebrities who decided to get inked in interesting ways. However when relationships go kaput, as they do with dizzying speed in showbiz, tattoos can be difficult to sport with the same élan.

The beginning of a relationship is almost always accompanied with hopes that partners would continue to love and support each other in the days to come. Unfortunately, many times such hopes are belied and relationships run aground. Here are the ten most common reasons why people break up and couples drift apart.

One of the most heart-breaking experiences a wife can go through is to see her husband walk out of their marriage for the sake of another woman. The emotional consequences can range from immediate rage and despair to a depression lasting for several years. Impossible though it may sound, even after such an experience, it is possible to pick up the pieces of one’s life and move on. Here are a few ways to cope when your husband leaves you for another woman.

A partner is meant to provide love, support and help you to evolve as an individual and a couple. But when you find a relationship lacking all these and maybe even a source of pain and fear, it is time to consider your options. Here are ten steps to get out of a relationship and reclaim your life.

Not all relationships end because one partner willingly hurt the other. Sometimes two people can simply drift away from each other, when their relationship has nothing more to offer, where they have nothing to look forward to. If you feel caught up in such a situation, here is how to get over a relationship that wasn’t meant to be.

Accept what has happened

Today around half of all new marriages in USA are likely to end in divorce. The emotional experience of going through a divorce is terrible enough without couples having to fight over custody and alimony in a court of law. This is the reason why mutual consent divorce is the preferred option for many couples breaking up. However if you find that your spouse wants to contest the divorce, here are a few things you can do.

Anyone who has had their heart broken some time or other is familiar with the intense waves of pain and helplessness which seems to strip life of all meaning. At such times, one feels that it is impossible to get up or feel whole again. And yet, healing does take place - slowly for some and smoothly for others. Here are a few ways to mend a broken heart and get over a relationship that wasn’t meant to be.

No matter who is at fault, a breakup usually brings with it feelings of sadness and misery. Worse it may make you feel worthless, especially if the breakup was not initiated by you or you found out that your partner was cheating on you.  In such times, you could do with lavishing some heavy duty TLC on your own self which will not only provide a pleasant distraction but may even physically and mentally prepare you to move on. Here are then some great ideas to pamper yourself if you are recovering from a breakup.

Every breakup brings with it tears and regrets. Even when the relationship has stopped being happy or fulfilling, its end is hard to accept, much less get over. And yet people who have been through heartbreaks insist that though you never forget entirely how it was, at some point it does begin to stop hurting. So here are a few tips to pull through when a relationship is over.

While most relationships begin with romantic hopes and promises of togetherness, time is unkind to many of them. Partners fall out over priorities, cheat on each other or simply drift away. The saddest part is that usually things can be worked out if issues are recognized and acknowledged early. So before it is too late look out for these ten signs which could indicate that your relationship is in trouble.


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