How to Know if a Man Will Leave His Wife for You?

Human hearts being what they are, love does not take heed of something as mundane as a wedding ring. However if you have been in a relationship with a married man, chances are that you passed countless restless nights, agonizing over the chances of him staying with his wife or coming away with you. If this has been going on quite a while, here are a few points to help you decide whether or not a man will ever leave his wife for you.

It is not just about sex

One of the most common reasons why married men cheat on their wives is to bring in some much-hyped variety in their sex lives. They may be largely satisfied in their marriages but keen to date other women on the sly as a way of making themselves feel more sexually desirable or more powerful. This boost to the ego that married men get while dating other women is a big attraction, never mind that you are being used as a mere tool in the process. If you think this is true of your partner, then in all probability he will not walk out of his marriage – instead he may only change sexual partners when he gets bored with you as well. On the other hand if you truly believe that you are not being used for sex and that your partner is emotionally there for you whenever you need him, there are chances of him leaving you but then you may need to ask what is tying him down to the marriage.

His marriage is really troubled

The most common excuse among men who embark on an extra-marital affair is that their marriage has gone bad. Married men may seek comfort in other women citing the inability of their wives to “understand” their emotional or sexual needs or simply because they have fallen out of love with their spouses over time. If the man you are dating is, as he says, actually unhappy with his wife or if he is unlucky enough to be stuck with a shrew, perhaps someday he may realize the necessity of walking out from a loveless marriage. At the same time though it is just as possible that he is using the line merely to get you in bed with him. So in order to find out whether he will leave his wife, you need to use your own common sense and examine if his marriage is really in trouble or if he is merely making excuses. Look for clues like your partner’s eagerness to get home at the usual time despite his declaration that he could stay with you all night or an active social life where he and his wife often go out dining with friends, family and co-workers. Even though the very fact that the man has got himself involved in an extra-marital affair means that something must have been missing from his marriage, still this is not the same thing as a deeply troubled marriage which would have come apart in any case even if he had not met you.

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You are more important than other family comforts

Getting a divorce these days may have become a whole lot easier than it was previously and yet many couples continue to stay together to prevent their children from growing up in a broken home. Other reasons why a couple may decide to continue with a loveless marriage may range from financial considerations like joint mortgage to practical ones like long years of familiarity and easy companionship. So even if your boyfriend your boyfriend is unhappy with the sex he is getting in his marriage, he may be too fond of his kids and the practical comforts of having a well-run home to throw it all away for an affair. Or he may be in no mood to incur the legal and financial hassles of going through a divorce, no matter how happy he is in your company. However if his ties to his family are not so strong, then he may eventually gather up the nerve to walk out of an unhappy marriage.

He is not seeking to play on your sense of self-worth

Even when a man may have nothing to stay for in his marriage, he may still prefer to have a clandestine affair instead of filing for divorce and be in a healthy relationship with you. This is especially true in case of a sociopath who may play on your insecurities and need for validation by making you feel as though you are far more attractive than his wife or that if you do not agree to be with him, all that you will be left with is an empty unfulfilled life - when fact is that he is merely using for his own sexual or emotional gratification. So before you decide to wait endlessly for him, ask yourself if you are being emotionally blackmailed to continue your relationship with a married man as a way of evading a supposed life of loneliness. On the other hand if the guy really loves you, he will not use the relationship to emotionally blackmail you but appreciate your efforts in helping him do the right thing, both by his family as well as you.

Even if he leaves his wife, will he marry you?

If you are anxious for your married boyfriend to leave his wife so that you both can get married, consider the possibility that he may not wish to get married again. The emotional and financial consequences of a divorce are so far-reaching that it may put him off marriage for a long time to come. In fact, after years of marital unhappiness, he may be more eager to savor the delights of being single again rather than getting tied down so soon. Besides this, as a consequence of his divorce – especially if the court has taken note of his affair with you – he may have been ordered to pay hefty amounts of alimony and child support thus leaving him without any scope of maintaining another wife or family. This is not to say that you don’t stand a chance of a long term commitment from your married boyfriend but keep in mind that there are many stages that need to be crossed before he can feel emotionally and financially ready to marry again.